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Green Labs Co-Working

Denver, CO
1250 31st St Denver, CO, 80205
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  • Mar Hwana 750 days ago

    not as convenient as the omni.

  • Terri Tatum 1022 days ago

    Great environment for co-working and networking.Thanks Green Labs!

  • Florent Buffière 1034 days ago

    The best place in Denver for Cannabis events & networking. If you are a MMJ industry startup looking for an affordable place to work, don't look further : GreenLabs is the place to be!

  • Gerry Moss 1035 days ago

    Hosted and event there for 150 people and everyone had the same reacation, "Best party ever!" great space both indoors and out, Grenn Labs staff easy to work with and lots of on street parking. Unique place! Highly recommend Green Labs for your next event.

  • Goldie Finesse 1050 days ago

    Hello I'm a local artist in Colorado, my comment does not pertain to Green Labs, but of their affiliate Roux Black Consulting. Ru Johnson is the head consultant and CEO of Roux Black, she was also the person working with my label, G-Figga$ Music, to help with promoting me as an artist. Ms Johnson turned out to be nothing less than con artist! With doubts about her from the start my manager wanted to give this business a chance to prove him wrong. Ms Johnson did not come off as professional as her website made her out to be, her style of dress for my first meet was less than professional and we didn't meet at a place of business she could call her own. For someone who claims to have been doing this sort of thing for a year with numerous clients we expected that to be the case. Ms Johnson's planning skills and overall expertise to deliver was definitely in question after that but the label owner was willing to give her a chance bc she was referred by his friend and business partner Phoenix K. Jackson CEO of Nation Marketing Group, and hope that working with her would turn out to be successful. At the first 2 two consulting meetings with Ms Johnson she made my manager and me feel some what comfortable about her being able to deliver on her promises, but still very skeptical.Some instances my manager mention to me that he was displeased with was when he brought to her attention an oversight on his behalf involving a call back and how she became very defensive about him bringing it to her attention, another time was when he had to request an agreement from her bc he felt she failed to mention having one, upon receiving the agreement it had a another clients name on it instead of the labels name, the misspelling of the label name on the agreement, and her failure to sign the agreement before it was sent to his assistant. The label just recently decided to discontinue it's relationship with Roux Black Consulting bc she invited the owner and the` artist to an event she planned that we were not able to get into bc she failed to let the club owner know that we were all under age. When our manager contacted her about situation she hadn't even showed up at the event and didn't show up until 2hrs after the time it was supposed to start! The label felt Ms Johnson had no excuse due the fact that she met the artist, knew our ages, and should have been aware! She did not meet us at the door as planned when we arrived, instead she sent a txt stating that she was inside the club and she was trying to make arrangements at that point. After being dissatisfied on several occasions with her incompetence and her careless attitude toward him it was time to discontinue the business relationship. That evening he informed Ms Johnson that he was extremely disappointed but did't get a response from her until 12pm the next day! Ms Johnson didn't call my manager, instead she decided to text and in her text she stated that the artist should "develop tough skin if they want to make it in the industry", which my manager considered to be way out of line, unprofessional, and careless about everything that had transpired. The CEO is not even concerned with asking for his money back bc he know its not going to happen! I'm taking out the time for not only myself but all who are involved with Roux Black Consulting or considering involvement to BEWARE OF BEING SCAMED by this business and it's affiliates! Thank you

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