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Golden West College

Huntington Beach, CA
15744 Goldenwest St Huntington Beach, CA, 92647
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  • Franco Polanco 9 days ago

    As a former student here .. it's sad that no action has been taken against this professor imagine what she says or does towards students when no one is filming ... I never had her as a professor but if I did I'm sure favoritism would not be on my side but hatred and racism

  • Pennsylvania Rocks 47 days ago

    seriously??? tarin olson shoulda been fired... this college doesnt care about handling racism.. shame on yall

  • Tu Huynh 101 days ago

    As an Asian International student, I feel welcome at this campus. Staffs and faculty members are friendly and they are willing to help as much as they can. The campus itself is a very open area with trees which creates a very nature-like area. The school is always cool even on a hot day, you just need to find the right shade areas. Diverse student body because it has quite a number of Asian and Asian Americans that volunteer to be a part of the campus life. Many clubs are available for students to join. Many people will come across this comment and think that I’m being brainwashed, but I’m not. Just because of one of the faculty member have a negative view about Asian Americans or Asian in general, which that person didn’t show to have any racial judgment in the past; you cannot judge the whole community because of one of the employee’s attitude. Even the school doesn’t aware of that person’s negativity because that person does not show any sign of that problem. GWC, OCC, and CCC are connected (I’ll just leave it there, if anyone curious about why I said it, just find out by google the reasons)

  • Brenda Jimenez 107 days ago

    From a person who ACTUALLY went to school here (still am btw) it's a pretty good school with a diverse student body and helpful faculty. Don't let the media pinhole your view of the school. Karma will get back at her

  • Josh Williams 130 days ago

    Hopefully this school makes the ethical, honest, and right decision to terminate Tarin Frances Olson as a currently employed school counselor after she was caught on video making racist remarks against an innocent Asian-American family walking with their baby on the sidewalk in a neighborhood. This "witch" has no place in academia or in any honest, institution that genuinely wants to help people. She is an openly, unabashedly racist, ignorant, coward who deserves nothing less than to be unemployed as any type of authority figure anywhere. Google her name and watch the video and you will have more insight into her racist character and backwards morals. In a way you could strongly argue she represents everything that is currently wrong with this country, the world, and the future of humanity.

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