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55th floor Ivory Tower, 4321 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV, 89103
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  • A Guidry 62 days ago

    Great view and decent drinks. Lots of outside seating and nice inside decor

  • Amy Kavulish 148 days ago

    Drinks are kindof expensive and the space is really small. The patio get insanely crowded so it can be hard to get a good view. And the famous 'glass floor is a 3x3 piece of plastic that is scuffed up so badly that you can't even see anything. The outward view from the balcony is beautiful though. Hopefully they use multiple djs, as the one that was there when we went Sunday night was awful. Picked a bunch of slow music that you can hardly dance to. The entire night.

  • S Johns 169 days ago

    If your going there for ambiance then this is the spot. If you going for the drinks pass on this place completely. I was there for my birthday and the bartender was watering down the drinks. I can see if I had been drinking for a while, but the bartender from the jump watered down our drinks. I took it back and he blamed it on the type of vodka in my martini. So second drink I asked for a shot of Apple crown, the bartender put ice in it and told my boyfriend it was chilled..BS if I pay for a shot I expect that! Not some watery drink or shot..AVOID!!

  • Alex Phi 205 days ago

    I'm not really sure how hard it is to get into this place or how much it is because we had a friend who was a DJ there got us in. But the bar itself is pretty darn cool. I think people are being harsh about it because it's a vegas bar, but if this bar was in ANY other city it'll have ratings out the roof. The view is spectacular on the roof of The Palms and there's a glass where you can stand on that looks to the ground. It's not a really big place but average for a lounge/bar. The music was pretty darn good, the DJ had mixed everything, new and old and all the music practically was a mash up. If you're looking for a wild time, this is not the place.

  • Barbara Ross 279 days ago

    Great view of Vegas at night. I loved the design and cleanliness. There was a cleaner on top of all the spills on the dance floor. If you are on the guest list (just book in advance - we did it on the day of) not only will you get free admission, but you will also get a free drink. If you are not on the list, the admission fee is $20 for males and $10 for females. Music sucks though. They played mainly rap music and threw in a few latin songs..

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