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225 Baker St NW Atlanta, GA, 30313
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  • Samantha Spitale 1 day ago

    One of my favorite aquariums to visit. The open flow floor plan allows the visitor to wander at their own pace.). They do a great job at changing up shows and seasonal additions. Love the addition of the beer and wine options( pricey but worth it on busy days .

  • Jordan Parker 10 days ago

    An incredible place to visit if you have the chance - very educational as well as awe-inspiring. The whale sharks are beautiful creatures, but the diversity of the exhibits is fantastic. My children have visited several times, and are still excited for each visit.

  • Caymen Rob 15 days ago

    People tend to rave about this aquarium. It's nice, lots of fish to see but for some reason, It didn't just go above and beyond for me. You can touch some of the stingrays, starfish, etc. which is hella cool. They do have a restaurant inside which is convenient. They also have this big ass dolphin you can see.. but other than that, it's a nice aquarium but definitely not the best.. and it doesn't take long to finish seeing everything here either.

  • angel mcarthur 35 days ago

    Largest Aquarium in the world if I've done my research right! Very nice for my second time there. It's all self guided, so take your time looking at the fish. Favorite parts would definetely be the jellyfish that seems to light up a whole dark hallway, and the dolphin show is a HIGH recommend! Takes about 2 hours to do everything here. If you still have time left in your day, then head to the World of Coca Cola next door for some extra fun :)

  • kimberly henderson 53 days ago

    We loved our trip to the aquarium. We went about 6pm to closing and there weren't a lot of people there so we could take our time to view everything. With it being later in the day the dolphin exhibit was closed, but that was fine we saw everything else. It was so peaceful because the fish were going to sleep i suppose and everything was moving in slow motion. We are definitely going back it was one of the highlights of our trip.

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