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4400 University Dr Fairfax, VA, 22030
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  • Eduardo Alcazar 75 days ago

    Parking is overpriced, half the professors teach worse than High School teachers, and the administrative departments here are run by incompetent morons. Spend your money on a better education elsewhere

  • stephen shuqlz 106 days ago

    The most commonly used nicknames for GMU are "rape central" and "RAPEU". 2015 - number of ON CAMPUS rapes, unwanted touchings, stalking and "dating violence" incidents average out to be over 7 per month. You can't go an entire week without getting a GMU warning email detailing how a woman on campus, in a school building, in a school hallway right outside her class was drug into a bathroom and raped. The school's response to combat this has been to send out an email asking students to visit a website that essentially says "rape is bad". 2016 is on track to have higher numbers than 2015.

  • Simon Thanoj 121 days ago

    Campus approach roads are narrow and crammed with shuttle busses and students cross walking anywhere on the roads. There are no exceptions for VIP visits ,road blocks and gas leaks. Students are thrown out of class for not making in time to classes. Its an amazing campus with maze like approach hope it gets better.

  • Achyuthan J.R. 122 days ago

    Good universities with good sports and fitness facilities. Most of the professors and staff are friendly and helpful. Some of them however are not very good at teaching and conveying their ideas. But that some is a very small segment. Good school overall.

  • Mohammed Hanif 154 days ago

    Terrible. It's a decent school, and the professors aren't bad, the quality of education is good. But the students should be a little friendlier. It's decent at best. Go to UVA and Virginia Tech. This school isn't worth it.

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