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George Mason University

Fairfax, VA
4400 University Dr Fairfax, VA, 22030
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  • A.S. Berry Jr. 3 days ago

    Really excited to see my family member graduate. The campus seems conservative but modest.

  • Dharmidasa 10 days ago

    The (accelerated) nursing program here is absolutely atrocious. Not because of the subject matter or work load but because the women who administer the program and a large number of the instructors they have hired are vicious, toxic, evil and/or incompetent. Our advisor is a pompous, incompetent buffoon who, despite her doctoral degree, probably has IQ of about 90, bullies students regularly, and yet has been there for 25 years. Most students avoid her like the plague. One classmate told me, "She has too much power over me. It is very scary." Others have talked about how very unhelpful she consistently is and how almost all of her communications contain wrong or inadequate information. She hires the clinical instructors and then apparently encourages them to be harsh and punitive toward students. Together, they create a terrible, hostile clinical atmosphere in which it is hard to focus on learning. The head of the department is a complacent Pollyanna who sweeps problems under the carpet and lacks moral discernment and backbone to stop the bullying by firing bad eggs and properly training instructors. She seems to automatically side with the instructor or administrator even when they are obviously engaged in abuse of students (How convenient for her! Rocking the boat would make unpleasant waves! Who cares if mere students suffer!). Many of the clinical instructors, who are given absolute power over students, are extremely petty as well as moral and intellectual mediocrities who lack conscience and who bully and mistreat students, using unnecessary threats, fear and intimidation. Some of them lie and make false accusations to hurt students. They threaten to fail you in the class based on very minor or inflated errors simply because they can--even though this would put a student in extreme jeopardy and could destroy his or her life because it would force the student to wait a whole year to continue in the program and meanwhile, the loans are ticking away or could be lost, with no job on hand...And yet the administrators never question the mindset or stop the aggressive actions of clinical instructors before they go too far in their abuse of students--this even though bullying by nurses is a widespread and known problem. Only one out of four of my clinical instructors so far has been a normal, decent human being. The others are very nasty pieces of work indeed. Make no mistake. I am not kidding when I say that a great many of these women are deeply evil. They are not normal human beings but demonic freaks of nature. This nursing school is a nightmare. Go elsewhere! Or better yet, choose a different career because nursing is chock-full of truly nasty, vicious individuals. Addition: Try to comprehend the depth of their hypocrisy: They close the links for evaluating classes and instructors BEFORE final grades are posted. Think about that for a minute: You have been bullied and abused all semester and now when you have the chance to express your disgust, they time the availability of the evaluation link so that you fear a bad grade in retaliation for honesty. They make students feel powerless. They thus intentionally discourage really honest criticism, anything that reflects badly on them. So, they have no sincere interest in improving things. The quality of instruction ranges from mediocre to disastrous. Addition: If you are a person with any spiritual or noble sensibility, stay away from GMU. A preponderance of administrators and instructors are evil people--deeply vicious, emotionally disconnected, hypocritical, insincere, lazy, nasty and morally repugnant. I call them evil.

  • Alison G 43 days ago

    I am applying as a transfer student from Northern Virginia Community College, and it has been nothing but me chasing down administration to make sure all of the paperwork has been processed properly. Every email I have sent the admissions office so far has taken at LEAST two weeks response time, even when I send follow-up emails. They say that their response time is 48 hours, but obviously my experience is nowhere close. It's not the beginning of a semester, it's almost October, so to me it makes no sense that it should be taking so long for a response. I called on the phone, and while the lady was nice, she couldn't provide me any specific information pertaining to MY application. Going in person is horrible because I have to pay for parking, receptionists are rude and act like I'm inconveniencing them, and my questions have been turned away before because I am not a George Mason student. Well, obviously I WANT to be a Mason student, that's why I'm here in the first place! I'm not even going to school here yet and it's already been a nightmare dealing with the administration side of the school. I feel unimportant, not prioritized in the slightest, and a nuisance for wanting to be sure. UPDATE: Tried to call several times because I was not receiving email responses. Twice, I was on hold for OVER an hour and my phone either died or I had to hang up the phone because I had other things I had to do. Going in person is not convenient for me in any capacity, but I finally went. All I was told was that my transfer application was complete and went through the system... It's also been a week since admissions said they would begin notifying transfer applicants of admission, as Mason students are already registering for classes and I want to secure my spot, too. Radio silence from the admission team. Only email I have received is that my application was received... Which was almost three weeks after I submitted it, by the way. Currently on hold so I can ask when the admission letters will be administered. UPDATE #2: I was finally accepted into the university after I insisted I speak to someone in charge who could actually fix an issue that was never my fault in the first place. So a literal WEEK before classes start, I finally get my damned acceptance. After pulling my hair out, having to call late into work only to be given a shoulder shrug and "there's nothing I can do". I'm going here because it is the most cost effective school for me, so I had no choice but to chase people all over creation. If I had other schools on my lost, I would've turned around long ago because of the absolute nightmare the admissions office has been. I did my part by submitting my application the day that submissions were opened, and I had to wait 3 months for a decision I was told would take 3 weeks. I will get my degree and I sure as hell will not be giving them my money for grad school. All you are is money to them. Another $100k in their pocket. They don't care about you at all.

  • Janet Fasanello 102 days ago

    Very concerned about rising seniors who were guaranteed 4 years of housing and have worked extremely hard and done very well but now are being denied housing. Seems unfair and unjust and for the students it’s horrifying. Why would a caring university do this to their future publicity makers who have invested time, talent, and money to build their future as well as the schools?

  • Johnathan le 119 days ago

    The George Mason University is better than I expected going in. Many Norther Virginia High School students don’t really want to go to this school because they think it is not that good and they do not want to stay home. This is a great place to learn especially is you are on a budget. Stay at home and commute, it is a great way to save money while getting a good quality education at a university. This school is great and although there is not much on campus culture, there are many things that make the school amazing. This was not my first choice school, but I am content with the decision I made.

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