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420 Park Ave S New York, NY, 10016
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  • gurjit bansel 5 days ago

    Doorman wanted $1000 to get in then agreed on $100 after I argued with them. When we got upstairs to the bar/club they wanted another $1600 to get into the dance floor area. The place was cramped, poor view from the roof and terrible sound system. Avoid

  • Sophia Yuen 18 days ago

    ***Review for the rooftop bar TBH, I don't really know what to think of this place. It was all a blur. I remember when I got there on a late Saturday night, the wait wasn't too bad. The took us up in an elevator and it was super crowded and loud. We were able to get drinks fairly quickly, but I didn't think it was that good. There were many areas that you could go to and it would have been really confusing if I didn't follow someone. The DJ was just okay from what I remembered. Overall, it was okay.

  • Mike k 21 days ago

    One of the worst experiences i have ever had staying at a hotel. Ive stayed in 100's of hotel rooms, many throughout NYC. If you're trying to sleep this is not the hotel for you. The front desk manager let the room down the hall from us party all night long until 6AM, so loud we heard their music, screaming and slamming the room to their door most of the night, topped with a 6AM mating call down the hallway. We called 5 times, security went up, the music stopped for 20 minutes then it went back up. At 6AM it finally stopped. Day manager seemed to know about it but said they weren't kicked out because they paid for the room. So you know if you party here you wont be kicked out. If you want a good nights sleep this is not the place for you, if you want to throw a raging party all night long and not have to worry about being kicked out this is the hotel for you.

  • Danni Charles 125 days ago

    I spent the night here for my birthday and it was a very beautiful hotel! loved the pool on the roof top and roof top lounges, amazing environment! hotel has awesome packages and spacious rooms with large bathrooms. the workers were all very sweet and helpful! I will definitely be coming back for another visit❤️😊

  • Kendall Weaver 165 days ago

    Very hip upscale hotel in an excellent location. Our room was not only spotless, but well appointed. Staff members are friendly, helpful, and unobtrusive. The pool is nice with ample sun and ample shade. I'm pleased with the overall experience and will strongly consider staying here again on my next visit.

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