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Galvanize San Francisco - Soma

San Francisco, CA
Sorry, there are no upcoming events
44 Tehama St San Francisco, CA, 94105
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  • Luke Kalbfleisch 10 days ago

    Rad place to meet and get some work done.

  • L G 134 days ago

    Great space, location. Friendly staff. GTD

  • Sam Arabian 270 days ago

    I've been working at Galvanize (not for Galvanize) for the past two+ years. The location is great, the staff is helpful and to seem care about the lively-hood of it's members. They have weekly meet-up's, great talks, mentorships, happy hours, and always seem to attract people/events from all walks of life. I'm impressed with Galvanize and would recommend any small company that is looking for a strong co-working space to give this co-working space a scout!

  • Taufiq Habib 371 days ago

    Good Location, friendly staff, lots of space to work. I can't say enough good things about this place. I was here for an IBM Cognitive event, so was allowed to visit all floors and the rooftop. Love the well-furnished areas, options for working including hot desks, phone booths, meeting rooms reserved by a touch on the room monitor. Good coffee. Occasional snacks. There is a coffee bar which also serves food on the ground floor. The place is big with several elevators. Great atmosphere.

  • Nikoletta Vecsei Harrold 598 days ago

    Great location. We are doing the CMX Summit workshops here. Awesome space with elevators and central staircase. They have a coffee shop on the ground floor and kitchens on each level. Great clean office a d really cool loft style interior. Well equipped rooms for audio visual needs and the AC is well run. Our room with 80 people is comfortable.

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