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Free Library of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

(215) 686-5322.

Open now
1901 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA, 19103
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  • Yoshiyah Burrell 11 days ago

    A nice quiet to place to get stuff done. Good WIFi service that requires you to have a library card to access. Does offer computers to use for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Beautifully architectured building. Bathrooms wonderfully placed. Would defintely recommend people go here

  • Sahil Singh 20 days ago

    Had gone there to see grip, Charles Dickens pet raven. Was quite exited to see the rare books section, and the library in general. They even have writings dating back to ancient civilizations. I found several stones with writings from sumerian civilization. It's a grand library, and I can imagine the goldmine of knowledge it must possess for anyone so interested in learning. A country which values libraries, values knowledge itself. I had come for tourism to USA, wish had such a library back in India. The public government libraries, even in the capital of Delhi, are in a dilapidated condition. The two good ones are in British and American embassies. I can already imagine living in Philadelphia for a while, spending my days in that library.

  • Straw Playz 41 days ago

    This is the best library out of all of them and they have sooo many books my favorite area is the teen department because they got a section just for teens 😀 but i suggest this place needs more water fountains tho

  • Wayne Morra 91 days ago

    Great public library. Has a superb author lecture series. And now has a test kitchen for teaching food literacy.

  • Kort Walsh 244 days ago

    This place is epic in many respects and shows the founders devotion to creating a Library for all of Philadelphia, even the World. Tons of collections and great places to sit and read. Everyone, most days, is helpful and the security guards are wonderfully snarky and hope you return. A must visit, read a book! Look up art, literature and any subject really!! Huge and endless hallways and cool sculptures and donated work. Like a historical display of devote educators.

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