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Frankies Pizza

New Hope, MN

(763) 545-7767

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3556 Winnetka Ave N New Hope, MN, 55427
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  • Julie Henthorne Today

    Full restaurant with bar. Serves Pizza plus a full menu. Reasonable prices.

  • Andy 14 days ago

    The food has been good every time I went. The buffalo tots are a terrible kind of awesome - don't try to eat an entire plate by yourself, your stomach won't be happy with you for it. That being said, I will order them every damn time because they are delicious. The reason for the 2 star review is the service. If it's busy, and your drink hasn't been refilled in 15+ minutes, you know you're in for a bad time. Go refill your drink yourself. Pray you get the right pizza brought to your table (we didn't). Wait another 15 minutes for plates after you finally do get your correct pizza. Then, since you were so patient, get ready to wait some more, as everyone around you that came in 30+ minutes after you already were given their bills, while you're still waiting for your waitress to bring a box for your leftovers that were sitting on the table for the last 20 minutes. Edit: The service has definitely improved over the last 11 months, so I'm cautiously moving the rating back up to 4 stars as of 2/8/2017.

  • David Abramovich 20 days ago

    Always enjoy my time here. Great staff, AMAZING FOOD, and awesome atmosphere. I love it!

  • katjoinc 25 days ago

    Pizza is awesome. Love the staff. Great for family and live music on Saturday nights.

  • Ryan Larson 56 days ago

    I only really order delivery from Frankies and I get the same cheeseburger pizza every single time and it is the most delicious pizza I have ever had on a very consistent basis. Someday I will get around to trying everything else, but the Cheeseburger pizza is incredible. Thank you Frankies!

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