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(415) 650-6038

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2801 Leavenworth St San Francisco, CA, 94133
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  • Lisa Fogleman 19 days ago

    This place was hard to spot, charged us a steep cover charge (we got lost and got here one minute after the cut off), had overpriced drinks and bad music.

  • C Taylor 51 days ago

    Good crowd but don't like the fact that we were told after we went out to smoke that we couldn't come back in ( we asked first). Eventually they did let us back in. We went in a Saturday. It's $20 cover to get in. They have an ATM so if you didn't bring cash you can leave your phone with the lady at the door to run and get cash. We ordered vodka cranberry which tasted mostly like cranberry. Three shots cost $32. Lots of VIP seating which I would suggest if you want to sit down during the night. The coat check is $4. Seem like a cool crowd probably 21-early 30's.

  • J Steele 272 days ago

    Had a great experience the last time we visited the area, however, on this night we experienced the worst service ever. Lady behind the bar took our order then proceeded to serve 2 other customers before us. The other customers were locals and even acknowledged that we were before them but she insisted to serve them first. After asking her why, her statement was they are always first and we need to be patient. We decided to leave and as we left we received the always "have a nice stay". We are visiting again in August but will only thing be this place another try if she is not behind the bar.

  • Aj Cartas 313 days ago

    Good music, poor customer service. Steer clear of this club if you can! I went here with my group of friends to celebrate her birthday and my boyfriend was denied entry because he wasn't wearing the appropriate dress code. After showing them my Instagram and realizing how many followers I had and my friend's status of working at a place that could benefit them, they let him in. We paid $20 each to get into the bar only realizing 10 seconds after paying the entrance fee that this was a dud and demanded to get our money back. The female employee that was in charge of the money refused to give it back. She seemed very disorganized and led me to other employees who had the authorization to do so only to be told that she was the one who was in charge. Eventually, we got one of the promoters, Rod, to weigh in in the decision. A little more chat here and there, he was able to give me half of me and my boyfriend's money back but they weren't able to give the rest of the money back to my friends. This only happened because this club is struggling to bring people in.

  • Joseph Hourany 451 days ago

    Went to this bar for a school event for a Halloween party and I was outside having a cigarette with another individual. The other person was on my left and the ashtray was on my right. I moved the ashtray between us so we can both use it. At that moment a security guard came and moved the ashtray back to where it was and then kicked my out of the bar! I told him I would keep the ashtray where it was if that's what he wanted but he didn't answer me and kicked me out. I was then talking to a few classmates on the sidewalk who had just showed up at the bar and the security guard came and told me I needed to get off the sidewalk! At the end of the day the security guards there are on power trips and are completely unreasonable. I will NEVER step foot in that bar again and I recommend that you don't either.

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