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Flying Dog Brewery

Frederick, MD

(301) 694-7899

Closed now
4607 Wedgewood Blvd Frederick, MD, 21703
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  • Sean 210 18 days ago

    Good selection of great beers. Staff was nice and helpful. Took the tour and they give plenty of free samples out. Prices were reasonable. Don't be fooled by the IPA names on the beers as many were quite mellow. My suggestion would be to get a flight or two and try them all.

  • miseryremains 47 days ago

    Good beers and atmosphere. I have to laugh at the people complaining that it is 21 and over only. Do you take your kids to the bar with you, too? Drive them around in the car after having a few? I'm glad they don't allow kids! I wish more craft breweries had the same policy. I am there for an adult experience, not a daycare. Leave your kids and your entitlement at home. Not everyone loves your kids the way you do, but you're not worried about how anyone else feels, are you?

  • Josh Kroneberger 54 days ago

    This is NOT a review on the beer or the the tours they give, this is a review on the venues they were cheap to see the revivalists, when you get there you can't spend cash to buy beer you have to buy plastic chip tokens to buy beer, they don't tell you but if you don't turn your chips in 2 hours before the concert ends they're nonrefundable... they have 100 police officers surrounding you for security, as your leaving at the end of the show the food trucks sell you food, as you sit down to eat the expensive food that you ordered your told you can't stay and to leave by police... The band was awesome, but do not support flying dogs venue... you have been warned!!! (P.S. the venues are held in their parking lot in some industrial part of town, ambiance not so good!)

  • Jerry Pitts 87 days ago

    Great brew pub! We also toured the brewery, and had an excellent guide. Sampled a few of their beers along the way, and after the tour. The brew pub is very popular, but with an outside patio there was still plenty of space. Flying Dog makes superior beer, and many varieties. It is a worthy place to visit for a beer lover.

  • Matt Antonishak 120 days ago

    Just like man's best friend, Flying Dog Brewery is passionate, loyal, and housebroken. Go take an informative guided tour and then try a sampler of their latest creations when you return. Merchandise and apparel is available for purchase on site. The outside patio has picnic seating and food trucks roll up on the weekends to offer a bite to pair with your drink. Flying Dog is a great social hangout. Visitors may even bring their own furry companions (provided they stay outside and are leashed). Cats don't appreciate good beer and are probably trying to repeal the 1st Amendment. I've never seen any request a tour.

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