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11200 SW 8th St Miami, FL, 33199
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  • Essy Marie Froste 7 days ago

    Florida International University (FIU) is one of the most amazing universities you can ever find in South Florida. The campus is HUGE and beautiful all at the same time. So far, I have had excellent professors who willingly assist and challenge me in the aspects within my major. Therefore, I am assuming that FIU has the best professors out there, and there are even different kinds of people too. Overall, FIU is just an awesome school to go there, and I highly recommend this place.

  • Keara Davis 48 days ago

    I was looking to transfer here and the handling and processing done by them has already lost my interest. Every time I call about concerns/questions, I am stuck on hold for 30 min before talking with someone. Every person i get a hold of hangs up midway through the call and i am stuck waiting to talk to someone again. VERY FRUSTRATING! Not even that interested in the school but I've spent $50 sending an application and transcripts, it shouldn't be this difficult to process transfer* application.

  • Nyeisha Moven 60 days ago

    Beautiful campus for anyone who loves exploring in their education, I love to come pass when going to the fair.

  • Mitch Rynart 77 days ago

    FIU is awesome! Beautiful campus and is perfect for the nature lover! Tradition says if you kiss someone on the Kissing bridge at Turtle Pond, located between the Ryder, you’ll be together forever.

  • iiPikachu Playz 87 days ago

    The BEST University in Miami. Pros: Awesome for Pokémon GO. It is a pretty LARGE School. Students here are funny. It is beautiful. Cons: Not all people here are nice here though, someone tried robbing me >:c All I see is people on their phones. The school is wierdly quiet...

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