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Florida International University

Miami, FL

(305) 348-2000

11200 SW 8th St Miami, FL, 33199
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  • brenda nunez 26 days ago

    I applied to their finance online program and when I was scheduled to pick up classes there were no open available classes. Mind you that the admissions fee is $200 and it goes as a credit toward your classes. It has since been 3 semesters that I am not able to schedule classes for and when I requested a refund for the $200 fee that I paid there are telling me it is non refundable . It must be nice for a school to take your money keep it and provide no available courses for you to take their school is over populated which makes the classes fill up way to fast. I would not recommend FIU at all. STAY AWAY!!! Now they kept my money. They seem as if they were a good school before but not anymore.

  • Michel Luisanya 27 days ago

    I am a parent. We did not receive any financials until just before the fall semester began. There are a lot of additional fees that you will pay. Automatic fees are added for EACH semester including the summer session for health, athletic, and parking totaling $194.39, again for each semester. This is fixed even though the summer sessions are online and you will not park on site nor use the health center. There are also fees for half of the enrolled classes. These are in addition to the $153.28 per credit that you will pay for the lab class. We had $40 biology lab, $30 math lab, etc. For all 3 semesters, we received notices from the FIU bookstore that the teachers for the enrolled classes had their textbook list available to purchase online. We ordered them to prepare for the beginning of classes. 2 of the books for the fall were not used. When we sold one which was unused back to the bookstore we got $5.00 for a $203.00 book. Same thing for the spring semester. We purchased a used book that had cover damage then tried to return it. We were told they don't buy back damaged books, even though we got it that way. The summer sessions were online. We paid the full tuition price for each credit without an instructor then paid additional for online fees. Most of the time, the administrative offices' phone will go directly to voicemail or hangup during peak times. Hope this helps you prepare.

  • Кемриель Андерсон 28 days ago

    This summer is my first term at FIU online, and it will be my last. Never thought I would be in such a disorganized UNIVERSITY!! For a fully online University, they sure do have a lot of restrictions that only hinders the online learning process. The professor at the University all needs to be replaced, with new ones. The professor at this University now, are only here to make sure the student body doesn't pass.

  • Jazmyne Cole 36 days ago

    The only reason why I'm giving this school 2 star is because the campus is gorgeous and the architecture of some of the buildings is amazing. But I had a horrible time at this school. Absolutely horrible. I spent most of my time being depressed because the school drained me and my wallet. It's just a money seeking institution. I felt like they could care less if I failed, as long as they got their money. They charge you for the dumbest things. I didn't want a meal plan, but they charged me for one anyway. The people in financial aid are the WPOST. It seems like they don't even know what they're doing. I asked about scholarships and stuff to cover my tuition and they didn't help me out at all. You're literally just a number to them and it's really sad. A majority of the people on housing and financial aid don't care about you as a student, just give them their money and leave them alone. The RLC of the dorms I was staying in, treated me like trash and was very rude to me all the time. It made my on campus experience even worse. Worst year of school in my life.

  • Thalia Aguayo 62 days ago

    Attended this school for three years, and then transferred. Honest opinion: socially, frats rule the uni. You need to be involved if you wish to have a good social life, which might take you to sacrifice productive time. This is a highly leftist liberal college, so show the slightest dissent and they'll make your life impossible or worst case scenario, kick you out. Classes are okay, and some faculty really stand out. They care more about money than you. You are just a number for the authorities; another brick in the wall. Don't be fooled by their marketing campaigns. Look through, think twice before coming here...

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