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  • Omar Banna 33 days ago

    Please don't let the lights and modern look deceive you like it did me. I arrived in the emergency room after being involved in a car accident with agonizing back pain. I approached the counter to find the person at the desk on their phone, whom didn't acknowledge me until I said something. They started the conversation with "so whats going on with you?". REALLY? Truly unprofessional. At this point I should have left after having the worst first impression possible, but the pain was too much for me to find and wait at another hospital. If I had known my first impression was going to reflect how I would be treated later on, I would have definitely left, even given the tremendous pain I was in! I waited for exactly 1 hour and 48 mins in the waiting area of the ER...when I was finally called up I was asked to repeat the same information again (what happened, DOB, when did the accident happen, etc.). The hospital is so dysfunctional as you are met with 7-8 people, each time repeating the same answers to the same questions. This truly had shown me how disorganized this facility really is. I didn't even know which one of these people was the doctor, or if I even saw the doctor. I actually spent the most time with the lady collecting my payment information then any of the other staff..... After an agonizing 4 hours after I had arrived I was finally let go. Not one member of 7-8 people actually examined my back...I was just thrown my discharge papers, some medication prescriptions, and a note for work. That's it. No real care, no desire to make sure I'm ok, no real interest other than rushing me out after having me wait in one of the rooms for the majority of my time I was there.... I doubt this review will reach anyone before they go into this "hospital". If you are reading this you are probably here after having a similar experience to mine.. It's unfortunate that even with the amount of money that goes into these "facilities", we are met with such a lackluster, disorganized, unprofessional and unfulfilling service. I actually, truly, honestly felt worse about myself leaving than I did coming in. That's how bad my experience was. Im sad to admit it but I have had better help at hospitals in third world countries...

  • Hannah Goldsborough 34 days ago

    We brought my father in and since we've been here it's been a terrible experience. We came in on Tuesday and it is now Saturday and the staff have moved very slow since we've been here and will not give a deffinate answer for when we can leave, Tuesday we waited an hour for a doctor when my father was in extreme pain. They keep saying all his vitals are good but won't explain why we have to stay another day. I highly recommend going to a different hospital as this place is extremely in organized and slow.

  • Sara Tran 92 days ago

    Had a wonderful experience with the ER last night. From the staff who checked us in to the nurses, radiology techs, ER docs, the guy who had us fill out paperwork and even the cleaning staff who waved to my son when they passed - everyone was friendly, professional and patient with all of our questions. They were all wonderful and made the visit as comfortable as possible. The nurse even brought my son a teddy bear to play with while he was being examined. The radiology techs convinced my son the X-ray machine was a huge camera and they had him smiling and saying cheese during the X-ray. The doctor spent time chatting with my son about the animals on his PJs before listening to his heart to help calm him down. I couldn't have asked for better staff - they didn't have to turn the exam into a game, but they did and that made it more enjoyable for a very sick 2 year old! Thank you to all who were working 10/19/16 from 8 to 11pm in the ER. Hopefully we won't have to return soon, but we will definitely be recommending you!!

  • Carlie Loi 106 days ago

    Horrible facility. Not managed well at all. The paramedics were excellent and very nice; the 2 I met-- Dave and Traci! The RN I had in the ER didn't introduce herself but stated she did but I didn't hear her according to her.She Refused to believe what I went through and tried to diminish what I went through medically. They had no beds so the ER was in a hallway. Like something out of the 1940s...what if there was a code? You don't even have space to run it in the hallway. It was not a good experience. This facility is wasting alot of money ..the I-tablets they have to keep you entertained while waiting to be seen are not charged and don't work. This is a wonderful area but a shame this facility has the Adventist name and in this area. The MD was nice but this facility needs to train there nurses to have compassion in their care and not tell patients "you should have been dead if you were taking the incorrect dose; I don't believe that.." This is what you tell a patient who is in the ER seeking care due to another Healthcare provider making an error in the dosage of medication???!!! This is fundamentally wrong across the board! This is what was told to me upon discharge after being severely nauseated and dizzy and vomiting! Egregious!! I wouldn't bring my dog; Bird or fishes to be treated here! I would find more compassionate care else where. I hope you take your patient satisfaction surveys seriously. Run as far and fast as you can from the place if you value your life and time here on earth!!!!!!

  • joe croft 124 days ago

    Stay clear of this hospital!! Nice folks nice building but ran very badly!! In ER for 7hr for pain from a surgery the day before. Had open rooms but the put is in a hallway with what I can only describe as something from M.A.S.H. When I asked the doctor why we could not have a room he said because Obama care tells every one to go to the ER if they have the sniffles. But we passed 5 open rooms!! Took 3 hr to get s room once we found out we were staying till pain management gets here in the morning. I almost get escorted out of the hospital cause I was mad that my wife was still in pain and no clue when she would go to her room. Next morning we find out that pain management doc was on vacation in Germany . I wonder how someone did not get the memo on this. Do now we waisted our time here and have no clue what they plan to do!!!! I would rather die in their parking lot than deal with how this hospital is ran!!!

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