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  • Maddawg Johnson 6 days ago

    I Really Love this place where they have the S.O.A.R Camp In here. I've stayed In the Dorms and meet friends and even i have a roommate and we bonding each other through friendship and boxing and other things! i really love it! then, I've work out at the recreation center and i Did boxing training with Paul "Rocko" Cecere and i've made Boxing videos with him. Paul's Major is Exercise Science & Health Promotion and His Fitness Philosophy is Exercise is a way to stimulate all aspects of life. Being healthy is achieving balance mentally, physically, and spiritually. Exercise should give satisfaction, make life easier, and give relief from the everyday obstacles that are placed in front of you.

  • Luba B 33 days ago

    This is a review of the Prometric Center: Took the CPA here - was a tad complicated to find. Parking is not free, hence the lost star. The staff are very nice though and help you feel less anxious.

  • Ruth Joseph 65 days ago

    The TEACHING staff at the school are actually decent and not so bad. However the staff in many of the other departments are very rude and unprofessional, especially from the Registrars office. Which is very detrimental because you actually have to deal with Registrar for your grades, transcripts, etc. I actually liked this school prior to my constant painful experiences with the staff in charge of the other departments. MONEY HUNGRY SCHOOL! They don't try to help you or actually do the jobs they are placed in, they rather argue and hold grudges. If you are looking for a great academic school with a warming, welcoming and caring environment I wouldn't recommend FAU. The department staff here are bad and VERY unprofessional! Go to ANY other Florida University if you have the choice.

  • John Kelly 154 days ago

    As an incoming student, I was excited for move-in day. Imagine my disappointment when entering the campus to find what could be likened to an armed encampment. Campus security is one thing, militarized police in bullet proof vests, brandishing side arms and tasers, is quite another and quite off putting. I expected to feel welcomed on my first day, not intimidated. When asking for information as where to go and park, it was made very clear to me that they were granting permission, not offering genial assistance. Based on what I witnessed, I wouldn't be shocked if campus police kill a student before the semester is over. Find Another University

  • jasmine poteat 178 days ago

    It took me about two weeks to get set up here. I had to pay for my ACT scores to be sent there, which was 40.00. I paid the application fee which was like 30.00. I called 5x for someone to tell me they would not accept me. So i immediately went to another school, got registered for free and only paid for my first quarter. This school is still emailing me about going to BC. I tried getting registered there years ago, cried in the guy's face and he did nothing. Work with a school that best fits your needs without attitude from the staff. Cause if the school staff isn't happy, what makes you think you'll be happy as a student?

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