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Five Star Tours

San Diego, CA

(619) 232-5040

Closed now
1050 Kettner Blvd San Diego, CA, 92101
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  • Leah Carmack 37 days ago

    This company is NOT a real company ~ they are a cover up for something else. Don't use them, you will get no services and you will be disappointed !!!!!! They have no professionalism They consistently cancel tours, change itineraries, show up in freshly wrecked vehicles, change drivers who don't speak English and have never driven in San Diego and don't even have GPS to keep them on the right roads., they kick VIP doctors off at midnite when his shift was over and made 2 woman fend for themselves to get back to their hotels!! Teresa the owner moved to Mexico and never checks emails. Everytime i called to talk to anyone to be sure they receied the drop off points I was told no one can speak to me but Teresa as it is 'her booking'. Well, after7 days of trying to reach her and leave messages and emails I had to rely on the idiot, Alfonso who remains in San Diego but he doesn't care about corporate groups and doesn't understand direction/Requests well. Alfonso always very rude and seems to not care about customer service ! No SHOWS AIRPORT transfers and they do not understand 'military times!! They don't work on Sundays except for Alfonso and he is hard to reach - only by text, and the dispatch is reachable only by text as well.. He changed out a driver on my VIP group within minutes of telling me who the driver was, and gave us a driver never had driven in SD, not good English. When they ruined a VIP dinner event for 50 people from Brasil, a pharma company VIPS, I asked Alfonso what do i tell my clients about they're messed up event? He said "well....., you got a stupid driver, that's all you can say!" I was appalled !! He hired that stupid driver and still a week later blames it on me that I sent all the pick up points and drop off point 6 times to Teresa, 3 times I went over it with staff, 3 time i went over it with Alfonso on the day of the event and yet NO ONE BOTHERED TO let the driver know.!!! I didn't speak Spanish so when I would call the driver all he would do was say, "yes, yes, yes, - he understood" when he no clue what i was asking him. CALL THE BBB, CALL THE CVB, GET THE WORD OUT , HELP TO SHUT DOWN THIS COMPANY. IT IS A COVER UP FOR SOMETHING ILLEGAL IT SEEMS because they are a reliable company, i have had 3 horrible experiences and they give me a little credit each time and then each time I have used my credit on file, then its like they purposefully keep messing things up worse each time. #HELPSHUTTHEMDOWN

  • Rodica Mihalis 59 days ago

    I booked a day-trip from SAN Diego to Tijuana through Viator, months ago! I travelled from Pennsylvania to California where I met my friend and we really looked forward to our time in SAN Diego and Tijuana. Two day before the scheduled trip I received a second confirmation from Viator! When I called FIVE STARS TOURS today to find out the pick up location we were told THE SUNDAY TOUR WAS CANCELLED!!!! No one informed us!!! The attitude of both the local SD employees of the Five Star TOURS was one of. ZERO STARS! Danny S. The person who informed me he was in charge, told me it's a fact of life and it is NOT his problem I travelled 3,000 miles for this trip and received a confirmation two days before! Rude, unempathetic, an absolute disgrace. I will make sure as many people ask Viator to use a different tour company because if Five Star TOURS has a monopoly they will continue to treat their clients with undeserved disrespect. I would have liked to let the owners know of the outrageous treatment I received by Danny S. And that he refused to give me a contact information. However, I will bring my story to the attention of Viator and all consumer advocacy groups because no one should be treated with such disrespect and have such a shocking disappointment! Wouldn't the owners of Five Stars TOURS like to know why they loose money and business? Probably not, I will share this unfortunate experience on Yelp, ALL local newspapers, The Nude Truth, Yelp, in hope others will stop booking tours with Five STARS to avoid great disappointments! Suggestion: take your business elsewhere. Totally unreliable, rude employees! By doing business with them Viator's reputation is negatively affected. Personally, I will never take a chance!

  • Brenda Smith 79 days ago

    I used Five Star Tours for my wedding from San Diego to La Jolla. The company did a great job in transporting my group. The driver was professional. They were on time and provided the best experience for us to transport our group. I would highly recommend them!

  • Anna Thomson 94 days ago

    Both our tours were cancelled two days in a row. Found about the first cancellation the night before and the second cancellation when we arrived for the tour. Not helpful with finding us another tour of refunding the money. They only refund the money back onto the credit card that was purchased on even if this account does not exist anymore. This was my case so I've lost over $250. Horrible customer service and only care about getting the $$$. Please don't use and let it ruin your holiday like it had for us.

  • Guy East 100 days ago

    This company doesn't even deserve one star. I can't believe this company still exists. We scheduled a charter bus 1 month in advance for 50 people. We had multiple conversations with the company, including the night before pick up. They arrived 2 hours late! We were calling frantically for two hours but never heard a peep....All the sudden the bus shows up...Then half way thru our trip they made us switch buses because the one we were on had another job to get to. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. A much better alternative is Bayside Bus.

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