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227 W 27th St New York, NY, 10001
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  • Melanie Keiser 12 days ago

    Worst service ever! All they care is the money! The student services is one of worst i have ever seen in my entire life! Asking me if i dont know what this and that means...i should go talk to somebody else. So why am i paying 20K as an international student? Worst!

  • Elexia Collins 13 days ago

    Im 12 years old n the 7th grade ... Already lookn at colleges nd applying so i can get info. ...And i want to go to this college after i gradute from high school .... I also , thinkn bout a college in LA buh will see where Jesus Christ takes me 😍😍😍😍

  • jessica vargas 30 days ago

    Does FIT offer a career in fashion styling? I entered the website and the closest to fashion styling is fabric styling but its not the same and I really want to be in this school but i want a career in fashion styling not fabric styling

  • Shirley Gao 32 days ago

    Very unique. I would not know it's a school if I just walked by. Although it is located between busy blocks but the inside had a very quiet and peaceful spot! Amazing

  • JESUSA NISTHAUZ 46 days ago

    Currently finishing my first semester here. Absolutely love it. The work is straight onto your major, and everyone is completely focused. Currently I'm dorming, and made life long friendships. I recommend this school if you want to hear it straight from the people in the industry. Yes they may not be the best "teachers," but they are wonderful mentors. The only flaw is their dining hall, but no one expected it to be world class anyways.

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