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Family to Family Cambridge

Las Vegas, NV


Closed now
3900 Cambridge St #107 Las Vegas, NV, 89119
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  • MrsGreen Apple 261 days ago

    Health cards are no longer issued at this location. SNHD comes off as irresponsible due to lack of stability. If a person changes address with this much frequency they too show lack of commitment and are taken as unreliable. People that are new to Las Vegas and traveling by bus are at a disadvantage. They don't take anyone after 4:30, but when they do, they sure have a bad attitude. The employees park by the front, how courteous is that?

  • marcelino pineda 588 days ago

    Me gusta que enseñen a la gente adulta inglés

  • Beauty InTheBox 662 days ago

    They took forever to put it in the room do when there's nobody in it was a very disrespectful attitude it took forever forever 2 hours 3 hours the worst

  • Starr Dowling 1625 days ago

    Took my son here in July for a prescription refill. I was told we were only being charged $80 for the visit and that was it (I even double-checked). It took a long time to re-explain things to the doctor who had an accent and didn't seem to understand a lot of English, and while the visit should have only taken a few minutes it was unnecessarily long. That part I somewhat let slide though since we moved back to Vegas from the other side of the country, although it's also made me consider looking for a different place to take my family to, and it would have made me give this place a 1 or 2. It gets a ZERO from me. The reason why it's lowered to the lowest setting is because of the first thing pointed out in the review. I was told $80 was the ONLY charge and that there would be NO OTHER FEES AT ALL. I now hold in my hand a bill for an additional $112. Thanks a lot, guys. I also didn't appreciate how rude some of you were. (The FEW that were nice, thank you.)

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