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San Francisco, CA
155 5th St San Francisco, CA, 94103
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  • Milka 174 days ago

    If a ZERO is possible I would give it to eventbrite! I have not been able to access my account for a week and they have a customer service person name Michelle who refuses to provide me any type of customer service than to tell Me to log into and account I can’t get into because I no longer have access to the email!!!!! Or to check their Help Center! This is not a free service because they make money off of ticket sales! This is completely unacceptable. Get me tech support to get into my account.

  • Meg T 375 days ago

    Lots of fees and non existent customer service. No phone number listed on their site. They do not respond to support questions, especially when one is requesting a refund.

  • Keisha Finley 475 days ago

    You can bringer your dog and also we have free breakfast lunch and dinner and every Friday Happy hour...Our Breakfast Lunch and Dinner comes all the way from San Jose..

  • Nicolas Guglielmi 527 days ago

    I love this place!! The people is so great! I know two offices of Eventbrite. In mendoza argentina and in SF. Both are awesome!

  • Brandon Murio 1119 days ago

    Hated it, because they did not provide a secure, trustworthy product. Another entity was allowed to create another page, duplicating our information, and linking it to their account. They posted their prices at half our official pricing, and they had no authority to do so. Used the same venue, same date, same time, same talent, same image, same text... but made it lower, so people would go to their page and purchase, instead of our official page. Search my key words, and up pops, another unauthorized page selling tickets right under ours, for half the price. How does Eventbrite deal with this? They help cause more confusion, buy telling buyers they bought a fake ticket... Now, I don't know about you (my fellow event producers), but do you think if you were told you bought a fake ticket, you would trust the company and purchase another ticket on the same site? ON TOP OF THIS... AFTER THEY REMOVED IT... IT HAPPENED AGAIN 1 WEEK LATER. I'M IN SHOCK, AND IT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Beware. They cannot guarantee that this won't happen to you. Do a high profile competitive event, and allow this to happen to you on their site... Anyone have a solid company that insures that this wouldn't happen to you, please let me know, because in my opinion, Eventbrite can't handle large value events.

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