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eTown Hall

Boulder, CO

(303) 443-8696

Closed now

(303) 443-8696

Closed now
1535 Spruce St Boulder, CO, 80302
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  • Summer Cooper Griffin 51 days ago

    I love seeing concerts here! Never disappoints. This last customer was for Daphne Willis!

  • Erik Yates 76 days ago

    A great resource for Boulder and the surrounding community. Go to a show here. You won't regret it.

  • Mary Frank 79 days ago

    Great music in a perfect venue! Look for an artist in their upcoming events schedule you might like and make your way over there. You won't be disappointed!

  • Eric Throop 128 days ago

    Awesome venue, just wish it wasn't so posh. Feels very suburban dad but would make a dope spot for some punk or metal. Great sound, great spot, just catering to the wrong crowd.

  • Joe Hill 183 days ago

    Amazing music venue! Superb sound, intimate setting, ample comfortable seating. The bar is downstairs from the dance floor but they have the performance televised in the lounge and with excellent speakers as well. Top notch music venue!

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