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New York, NY
301 W 39th St New York, NY, 10018
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  • nexyyz 122 days ago
  • John McMarlin 393 days ago

    Now that it is the new home base for Timmy Regisford and Shelter on Sunday mornings, Manhattan once again and finally has a great place to dance to the best music. Go, if you can dance all night long.

  • QUEEN CARRERO 755 days ago

    Am from bk nd razors its not a gay club but they take u likr u r check it out

  • alex lewis 1516 days ago

    When I was going to this club it was trash... still is an the fake security guards kills me a this is a spot where if you don't have any place to go then but always have a back up... always great music tho

  • Kathleen Creighton 2130 days ago

    If I owned a club and hosted an event like Escuelita did last night I never would have managed it with way they did. This business could have done some positive alignment with a very popular TV show and blew it. First they 1) advertised a special VIP entrance if you texted or tweeted them. It would be free if you entered before 11:30. However, at 11:05, the line was around the block and when security staff was questioned about the promotion and shown the text message, I was sent to the back of the line with a smirk. Later the line was solicited regularly by bouncers whose palms you could cross with $25-$40 to get to the front of the line, only to pay the cover charge ALSO upon entry. After an hour and a half in line and explaining to the staff more than once that I was press AND was also on one of the performers' guestlists, I handed my business card to the people ahead of me in line when we started talking about my press cred. THEY flagged a bouncer and explained the situation. After an HOUR AND A HALF of standing on 8th Ave, I was finally ushered into the club by a ?manager" with many apologies. However, when I got inside and explained to the man at the desk that I was actually on a guestlist I was still soaked for FORTY DOLLARS. For my 40 samolians, I got one number from each of the headliners after waiting almost 3 hours for them to go on. During that time I tried to find a spot to be comfortable, wandering over a sticky floor and being shoved by more than one aggressive patron who apparently failed to notice I'm not a teenager. In fact I'm well over 35 so I don't push back too well. After the show, the complete lack of organization continued with security shoving me back up against the bar and continuing to tell me to move back. Um honey that bar ain't goin' nowhere. Then the way they directed the people in line? I just kept getting pushed back further. So I didn't get to thank the person who invited me & put me on their list. The ?manager? did check in with me a few times during the night and I admit I failed to tell him about the $40 cover. But he did nothing to insure that I connected with people there that I should have been given much easier access to. In short, I will never go back.

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