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1502 Leeland St Houston, TX, 77002
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  • Alicea ford 31 days ago

    It was very crowded and a little pricey after you wait in line for so long but overall a good place to be . Would go again

  • Christopher Yi 38 days ago

    Line doesn't move and they broke our group apart so only half of us could get in.

  • PrettyDiamond Xoxo 94 days ago

    It's A Nice Club If You're With The Turn Up Life.. Women Free Before 11 But They Pick And Choose When They Use Their Dress Code.. Been There Twice.. First Time They Didn't Care If You Wore Heels Or Not.. Second Time They Turned Us Away BecUse We Had Knee High Boots On.. Dressed Really Nice And No Heels.. Smh I Think That's A Bit Much Considering There's Little To No Seating && Nobody Wants To Stand In Heels All Damn Night.! Honestly That's The Only Bad Thing.. Their Drinks Are Pretty Pricey Too.!

  • Jake lopez 99 days ago

    Associates are untrained. No sort of organization for this venue. Gave them a second shot and it was a big let down

  • Chase Dizzie 269 days ago

    This club... lounge... whatever pushes an insane amount of advertising, basically spamming my email to come out for a FREE RSVP to see "insert one hit wonder musician here" "live" but when you arrive will probably not let you in once they have enough of a line to get cocky. I went here with a small group of very well dressed guys and gorgeous ladies whom had all gotten prepared for the event. They denied one of the girls we were with and several ladies in the line for not having heels and then preceded to kick out any more people who were not 21... well not 21 and not attractive as two of the ladies in our group were not of drinking age just yet but were allowed to go in. I'm not even surprised at these rules considering it's downtown but they were not stated on any flyers, posters, website, ad, email, nor does anyone pick up the phone. I looked specifically at the dress code and it's pretty dishonest for them to change it up whenever they feel. This venue wasted our time, effort, and patience and made me (the organizer of the night) look like an ass to those who were rejected. We will not be returning... at least until the club is shut down a few months from now and bought out by someone else 😉.

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