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Energia Wellness Studio

Wesley Chapel, FL

(813) 973-7300

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3836 Flatiron Loop Wesley Chapel, FL, 33544
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  • Ben Straight 65 days ago

    Three issues with starting yoga (before joining Energia Yoga Studio in December, 2017): 1. PRICE; 2. Class times (I have a busy schedule); and 3. I had never taken a yoga class and was intimidated. My issues are each addressed below: 1. I knew yoga was expensive, or so I thought. My previous research, into local yoga studios, left me with a 'screw that' attitude because of the price. Why would I fork out a good amount of money, just to take one class, when I had never done yoga and didn't know if I would like it? Well, I joined during a membership 'special', that was a fair price to me, and they were also running various specials tailored to first-timers: A certain amount of time, or classes, was offered for a fair price (one that I believe most interested people would pay to explore). I am (now) on a monthly membership- so I don't know what the current specials are- yet check them out and I believe you will find them price-friendly, not price-prohibitive. 2. Check out the class schedule on their website. There are classes, for various levels, at convenient times. I am incredibly busy (I own a small law practice and teach college), so my schedule changes regularly. However, I have always found an available class on the days that I wanted to go. This is a HUGE positive. 3. I was nervous about going to my first yoga class; what if everyone is bending like a pretzel and I can't touch my toes? My worries were quickly alleviated upon taking my first class (and what I write next is applicable to every instructor here). There is NO judgment in this yoga studio. The instructors constantly remind us, during practice, that yoga is a personal journey. I didn't feel the slightest bit of judgment from anyone. Everyone was 'doing their own thing' and the instructors provide tips, help, and encouragement. The students are varied in age, sex, and race. There is NO prototype. This truly allowed me to relax because everyone is at their own level- practicing together to individually improve. Finally, this studio has everything you need to practice available- matts, blocks, blankets, straps, etc. I bought my own stuff because I sweat profusely; I felt bad about soaking the studio's equipment and wiping it down. I would rather sweat on my own stuff and throw it back in my car. From a consumer standpoint, Energia Yoga Studio is precisely what I was looking for. I may have tried a few classes and decided it was not for me, yet I would still stand by the content of this review. Pictures: Me wearing a bandana- with Marisa, instructor, who has been practicing for 17 years. Me with no bandana- to my left is Virna, owner and instructor, who has been practicing for 9 years; to my right is Lin, instructor, who has been practicing for 46 years (this is not a typo). The instructor flashing the 'peace' sign is Hala, who has been practicing for 10 years. The final picture is with Natalie, an instructor who has been practicing yoga for 10 years.

  • D S 96 days ago

    Well this is dissappointing. I got here at 830a exactly. It's 833a as I write this and they had their doors locked. There should be an early time post if you aren't allowed to get here at the exact time of the start of the class? Waste of my time and money, and saldy didn't get to take the class today.

  • Gail Yip-Chuck 393 days ago

    Loved Clancie Boire's Restorative Yoga class Thur @ 10 AM. It was thoughtfully sequenced with warm up and stretches before moving on to the yoga poses. There was a gradual build. Highly recommend. I am also enjoying Virna's meditations using visualizations of light and the energies of love.

  • Sarah Richter Creter 1505 days ago

    Energia is a beautiful workout studio. I was so impressed by the yoga class and, more importantly, the attention to detail that Virna pays to everything - especially her clients! I look forward to trying a mediation class and getting my kids into Zumba. This studio is so much better for my type of personality. It feels like a home gym, only much much better.

  • Ed Klaameyer 1510 days ago

    Recently, I have had the pleasure of meeting with Virna and staff members at this wonderful studio facility to discuss activities such as Zumba, Pilates and meditation. There are many instructional classes offered which target my overall well-being. My wife and I have used several of the natural lotions and have recommended these products to our friends. If you are serious about improving your health, visiting Energia Wellness Studio is a must.

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