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Elmhurst College

Elmhurst, IL
190 S Prospect Ave Elmhurst, IL, 60126
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  • Andy Glowaty 89 days ago

    Great Jazz Festival!

  • Brian Reher 136 days ago

    A few things set Elmhurst College apart from other schools. One thing that was notable for me was how commuter friendly it was. A lot of schools it seems, whether it's a cultural thing or they just want your money are really heavy handed about staying on campus. Elmhurst it seems actually has found a niche of people like me who simply could not live on campus and was helpful and accommodating. My situation was that I just didn't have the money to live on a college campus, and couldn't bring myself to take out a loan. I got a full time job delivering pizzas while living with my mom and pop, and I applied for every scholarship I could. Elmhurst isn't just a budget-friendly school that works with non-traditional schools though. The professors are top notch. I can't attest to ALL programs, but the business department has successful business executives and entrepreneurs teaching the classes, and the professors themselves are easy to talk to. I know from friends and connections in hospitals and schools that Elmhurst Students graduates are very desirable hires, because of the school's track record for producing excellent workers. I didn't really live on campus, but neither did the "on campus" students really. You're a 5 minute walk from downtown Elmhurst, a really nice neighborhood with lots of shops, a variety of food venues, a historic movie theater, a grocery store, 24 hour pharmacies, and about a dozen top notch pizza places (shout out to Pizza Palace on Addison Street). Also, students on campus are within a 10 minute walk from their dorm rooms to the metra train line, giving them access to the Chicago loop, so you could step out of your dorm room at 8am and be at the Sears Tower by 9am. I like that Elmhurst was a safe town for college students, Elmhurst itself has a really low crime rate. Definitely safe for a student to be out at any hour of the day (like for a 2am energy drink run when pulling an all nighter). I'd describe Elmhurst college as diversity welcoming. The school historically has made efforts to reach out to groups experiencing difficult times, such as Japanese Americans in the 1940's and Muslim Americans in the 2000's. You'll meet several international students, mainly from Germany, though I met a Chinese and a French student there as well. Just as importantly, they encourage diversity of thought, different ideas are discussed, not attacked. The school has areas to improve on, without a doubt, but if the average school is 3 stars, and a good school is 4 starts, then I figure Elmhurst deserves 5 because it serves its niches perfectly.

  • John Boland 391 days ago

    Probably the best investment my parents made. My twin brother and I could easily have attended the Univ. of Wisconsin (Madison), but when my dad (class of '32) suggested we take a short trip south, we immediately fell in love with everything ! I don't think I cold have gotten a better education ANYWHERE. I took an histology class there where the teacher-student ratio was 1:11 !! An absolutely beautiful campus. Modern athletic facilities along with fine arts. Will be back in late Sept. for my 50th.

  • Joe Grotto 698 days ago

    Liberal Arts college with an arboretum on campus and right by downtown Elmhurst. Large commuting student body. I graduated from Elmhurst and have nothing but great things to say from my time there. The faculty are innovative, experienced in their professions and supportive. Best of all are their internship and study abroad programs!

  • Bill Angelos 763 days ago

    I had an afternoon to kill while visiting Chicago so we stopped in to kill some time and walk around. Its a beautiful campus and you can walk around and easily kill a fall afternoon here. The only down side is that there is not any obvious public bathrooms. We found one of the students that was nice enough to let us into one of the buildings (electronic key card required for entry) so that we could use the bathroom.

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