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Elkhart General Hospital

Elkhart, IN

(574) 294-2621

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600 East Blvd Elkhart, IN, 46514
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  • A Google User 34 days ago

    Scheduling an ultrasound for my wife and was told a specific time , take work off, come in 25 mins early to find out we were told the wrong time. Then tells us to schedule another one. Why would we want to go through scheduling again if they can't get it right the first time. Complete incompetence.

  • A Google User 70 days ago

    I switched from Memorial to Elkhart General a few years ago. Im so happy I did. EGH has the best nursing staff around. My grandfather was on the critical care floor, sister on the joint replacement floor and myself on the surgery wing and ER department. All with outstanding services. I have had several diagnostic procedures with great service each and every time. So impressed with the entire hospital.The nurses, doctors and all services. What I love the best is the ease getting around the hospital. Everyone working there is so helpful and caring. From check in to check out. Love EGH.

  • A Google User 72 days ago

    My Mother had her hip replaced at Elkhart Hospital - Total Joint. The medical staff is top notch. The doctor who performed the procedure is by far the best at what he does in the Mid-West. Little side note of gratitude: I ended up getting to know some of the Parking Valet staff during my visits. I got to say they are some great personable guys!!

  • A Google User 74 days ago

    Radiology department was running like a Swiss watch! I've never been in and out of the hospital for x-ray, CT scans, or ultrasounds so quickly in my life. Check-in was quick and friendly, and staff was competent and precise. I went there expecting to be waiting and frustrated, but left amazed!

  • A Google User 80 days ago

    I went to EGH via ambulance with severe chest pain and they released me with chest pain. They gave me pain meds which made me feel better and then when medication wore off when I got home the same pain is back very severe. They told me to call cardiologist in the morning for follow up appointment. Which I did yesterday. Can't see him until Monday. As of right now I still have severe chest pain. I take Nitro's under the tongue and chewable baby aspirin several times a day. They told me to come to ER if I continue to have chest pain. Why? So they can send me back home with pain. It's a waste of time and money. I'll just keep taking Nitro's and baby aspirin until Monday when I see cardiologist. When I was released they didn't ask if I had any question and no paper work which I normally get. Felt like I got pushed out. I felt they were in a hurry to get me out because the waiting room was very busy. Didn't even get discharge papers. My wife was there with me and she wasn't satisfied with the service.

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