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Elizabeth City State University

Elizabeth City, NC

(252) 335-3400

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1704 Weeksville Rd Elizabeth City, NC, 27909
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  • Abraham Lincoln 157 days ago

    I had the opportunity to attend ECSU a few years back in an attempt to refresh my math skills before attending graduate school. I won't go into details but consider the fact that an Elementary Calculus for the Social Sciences text was used for MATH MAJORS!!! In the preface the author stated it was to be covered in 1 semester or 2 quarters. The math department at ECSU in their infinite wisdom used it for all 3 semesters for their MATH MAJORS. Betty Crocker math ring a bell? That is but the very tip of the iceberg. Students go there, make straight A's, and then wonder why they can't score high enough on the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, etc. to be accepted to quality graduate schools. This school has and continues to do a disservice to its students. ECSU graduates are unprepared to grasp the skills needed to learn their jobs if they happen to be hired for a job. ECSU has the reputation among the academic world as being the worst school academically in the state of North Carolina and it has lived up to that reputation for decades. Think about it ... this is a school that has the lowest admission requirements of any school in the state and accepts 50% of its applicants! If you think you will be surrounded by an intellectually stimulating environment, you need therapy. If you are reasonably bright, want to learn the skills needed for a career and want a degree worth more than a blank sheet of paper, avoid this place at all costs. Even if they pay you to attend (which is how they get most of their warm bodies), it is a waste of your life.

  • Rivers Baldridge Jr 343 days ago

    As an amateur astronomer this place gets my highest rating.

  • B. James 582 days ago

    I've heard great things about this college's past. Its future is less certain.

  • Chris Pass 620 days ago

    I do not suggest this school to others. My department was good and prepared me for my future. That being said... campus safety and living conditions are poor at best. Money goes missing in the buisness office and receipts are not issued. There are a few key people working there who do an excellent job however as a whole I cannot recommend this university to anyone unless they live off campus and have instate tuition because they would be going for free if they set it up correctly.

  • Jeff Wood 1893 days ago

    Small classroom experience where teacher's know your name. Good place for students from rural areas to fit in as well as those from large urban areas. Plenty of research areas, educational clubs, and extra-curricular activities. As in any college, how well you succeed depends on how hard you work. Look for internships and work experience to aid you in obtaining a job with your degree!

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