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Elevation Health- Elk Grove

Elk Grove, CA

(916) 216-1049

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4711 Laguna Blvd Elk Grove, CA, 95758
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  • Meagan Sinclair 98 days ago

    I started going to see Dr. Lacey almost 2 years ago for severe neck and shoulder pain. What I really valued was that her focus was not on giving me an adjustment to feel better for a few days or week, her care plan allowed for her to correct the problem and leave me completely pain free! I still gladly see her weekly keeping me healthy and feeling great. If you are looking for a chiropractor, I could not recommend her more!!

  • Pamela Bloomfield 618 days ago

    The genuine feeling of doctors who truly want to see you improve and maintain not only a healthy spine but your whole lifestyle is what you get when you walk through these doors. I have been coming to Elevation Health for about 5 years now and I always feel welcome when I walk in and rejuvenated when I walk out.

  • Jamie Garrett 623 days ago

    Best chiropractic care ever! The treatment I receive is exceptional and has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. The staff are pleasant and friendly as well.

  • Laura Villano 630 days ago

    My neck pain started when I was 19 years old. I had chronic migraines and was at wits end with my discomfort. I was first introduced to Elevation Health through my existing place of work and thought I would give it a try. I had gone to a chiropractor before but did not enjoy the experience, keeping an open-mind, I walked into Elevation Health with the hope I could receive some sort of relief. At first sight the office was like nothing I had ever seen before. A very polished and open setting led to a clear understanding that this was definitely not going to end up like my last chiropractic experience. As I went through the steps of my first consultation, including a one-on-one with the doctor and several x-rays, I had felt a sense of comfort and inclusiveness. Fast forward two years later and I am now migraine free and have been able to correct and alter more than just the chronic headaches. A complete lifestyle change and mindset towards my health emerged as I began to continue further into my treatment. The weekly adjustments are now essential to my health regimen and I have enjoyed every step of my journey with Elevation Health. The techniques used within their adjustments makes perfect sense and are eloquently explained. I would HIGHLY recommend Elevation Health as a place of exceptional professional care and a friendly staff that are personable and helpful in every sense of the word. If you are in pain and looking for a place to ease the worries of today check out Elevation Health as they hold a high standard in corrective care.

  • Katrina Poletski 1501 days ago

    Absolutely awesome! I came to Elevation Health over a year ago with a friend for the Dinner with the Doctor experience and I am so glad that I did! I never had any back pain or any back problems that I knew of, but after seeing my X ray and how bad my spine looked I cried. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of horrible condition I would be in later in life if I had never done anything about it. But, thanks to the wonderful doctors at Elevation Health my spine looks a million times better!! Not only is my spine in much better condition, but so is my overall health. I can't say enough about how great these doctors are to work with. They also focus more on their patients overall health and offer educational classes and healthy supplements so that you can really feel confident in kick starting a healthier way of living. They make going there a great experience every time. I highly encourage anyone that values their health and wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle to check them out!

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