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Eden DC

Washington, DC

(202) 905-9300

Closed now

(202) 905-9300

Closed now
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1716 I St NW Washington, DC, 20007
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  • Eduardo Amaya 20 days ago

    First and last time going. I went last Friday night with my family. The girl taking payment told me it was $20, when I asked her how much it would be for the rest of my group, the bouncer must have thought I was talking about myself because he quickly stepped in and told me I’d be charged $30 because of how I was dressed and how the owner wouldn’t approve of it. Fortunately the girl taking payment was having her own side conversation and didn’t listen to his comment. I asked her again how much it would be and she charged me $20. Once inside people are usually just standing around, this is a 18+ on Fridays, and I only went because we had someone who was 19 with us. We didn’t know if you were under 21 that you couldn’t go into the roof top. The security member pulled me aside and told me that if I gave him a $20 he would take the X’s of my family members hand and allow her to go up. I declined to pay anymore to this establishment and we stayed away from the roof top. Drinks are overpriced, taste cheap, and they charge you gratuity without you knowing. If you and your friends are over 21+ I’d suggest going elsewhere, plenty of other nicer places in the DMV. The experience here is not at all what you’d expect for the price that your paying.

  • Ed Shaw 28 days ago

    I went to this Bollywood party here which itself was pretty awful. But the club also sucks, the bouncer strip-searched me like I was walking into a high security jail. The acoustics and the DJ scene is also horrible.

  • Briana Lopez 35 days ago

    Me and my friends decided to give eden a try and it ended up being the worst night we’ve had! First off they make up their own rules on pricing and form of payment. According to other reviewers it just confirms my suspicion that they’re racist rude people. Once we went in there was absolutely nothing going on. The music wasn’t great, people were just standing around, there were more security guards then guests. I go to the bathrooms and there’s a security gaurd standing in the bathroom directing people into one of the two stalls like if we’re stupid animals lol. Of course being 20 i wasn’t allowed up to their crappy little rooftop. I went back out and was very kind and asked for my money back. I talked to a security guard and even he agreed I should get my money Back. Of course the girl collecting the money is greedy and she made up this absurd lie that I was in there for more then 25 minuets! Again I told her she mistaken and playing nice I said I’ll even just take a percentage back. Of course she tried to get away with what she could. Two security guards then escort me away from the line and tried to get rid of me. I wasn’t going to let them take advantage of me like that, so I warned them I would call the police if they didn’t give me back what was $40 To walk into an awkward living room and walk back out. After about 20 minutes when the cop began to arrive they tried to shut me up by offering me half back But in the end I got all of my money back. Don’t waste your time! They’re money hungry pushy people just bad vibes all around, just want to warn Everyone, if your looking for a good time eden isn’t the place.

  • benita young 80 days ago

    Drinks are over priced and they add their tip to ur bill without ur knowledge. And there’s about 5 flights of steps and the rooftop smells like mildew... smh

  • Tomás Harmon 125 days ago

    NYE wasnt bad if you got there early. The open bar was decent but contained to just the first two floors. Im glad we didnt get a table though, it wasnt really closed off and people wondered away with a lot of the swag from the tables.

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