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2135 Queens Chapel Rd NE Washington, DC, 20018
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  • Cruz Banda Today

    Echostage. MY FAVE. My gf and I love this place it seriously rocks. My first time at Bootie I wasn't sure where we were going or what to expect. Little did I know how much fun we were going to have and how many times we'd be back!. The music is all over the place which is awesome because they have the new good stuff and then they throw it back and play our old time favorites. It feels like a live concert when they perform and everyone gets into it!. We've gotten CD's, danced on stage with everyone, had well made drinks! And the people are awesome too. I can't wait to be back!!

  • Joshua Versoza Today

    Been on an EDM kick for the past 1.5-2 years... I dabbled with some trance in high school, and I've always had tracks scattered throughout my workout playlists, but I'm pretty much a newbie to the stuff. That means no raves (or any of the associated naughtier aspects to "enjoying the music") for yours truly all throughout the fun years; Saturday, 3/26/16, marked the first EDM rave I'd ever been to. The road to the Echostage was all a relatively impromptu affair. My brother has been quite the EDM fan for the past few years, with his musical tastes pretty much influencing mine for the past couple cycles. So when I visited him on his bday a couple weeks back, he exclaimed "KSHMR and Tiësto are playing at Echostage, I'd totally wanna hit see them." Seeing as how I could kill three birds with one stone (with the purchasing of tickets for his bday, as well as attending a rave for the first time ever, and ultimately using this experience as a "practice session" prior to hitting up EDC Las Vegas later this year), I jumped at the opportunity. So, perhaps I'm not the most qualified person to speak as music venues where one could enjoy shows such as these, but I had a blast here. We arrived relatively early at 10 (doors opened at 9, with bro and friend wanting to get there early so we could have a good spot for the opening act). Place was barely half full when we got in, so we were able to snake our way just a few paces from front and center. Good call on that, as the place was pretty much as packed as a sardine can just a half hour later. However, I was able to observe the place prior to "packed-to-the-gills" status, and I was definitely a fan of the set up. Big room, with bars to the left and the right, with VIP balconies (I would assume) on top of those. Pretty sexy if you ask me. And a tall boy Heineken running about $7 ain't a bad deal (maybe those NYC prices just made me callous to drink pricing). Huge speaker towers to the left and right of the stage (and speakers scattered everywhere else I'm sure) made for some booming (but not deafening) noise; definitely some world class sound quality on those. But that's pretty much all I can speak to about the venue (aside from "sketchy neighborhood" that's mentioned in most of the reviews for this spot. Other than that, the music, the light show, and the crowd will pretty much make (or break) your night here. Since Tiësto was here for the time that I'm writing about, the crowd was a bit douche-y, with my one friend (who ain't a newbie to these kind of things) saying that it may have been the "douchy-est, most ratchet crowd" he's dealt with (to be honest, I expected a lot of contact, especially since we were near the front, but apparently it was "particularly bad" on my first time). My philosophy was to roll with the blows, and throw back an elbow/push back just so they'd know that the our group of three deep was not one to be pushed around. The music (especially from KSHMR) and the light shows were pretty phenomenal though, so it was easy to get hyped with the rest of the crowd despite receiving such a high rate of contact. I had a great time here, def makes me excited for my next show (here or elsewhere).

  • Luis Aguirre Today

    Greatest Staff, Greatest Experience in DC for a concert venue, Security is on point and fair, I have been to almost every show here and have not been offered any drugs or been over intoxicated. Cindy Berberich seems like she hangs out with the wrong people because I've been to almost every show is different because of the different promotions team hosting the event that night. Bring your dancing shoes.

  • pasha shahegh Today

    Good security, good selection of drinks, good acoustics. Only reason it's not 5-star is the concert I went to the mics were too loud so I couldn't actually understand half of the music.

  • Cindy Berberich 22 days ago

    WARNING OVERDOSE CENTRAL - DON'T let your kids or young adults go here! PLEASE! HORRIBLE , they promote drug use (MOLLY, ECSTASY) and have staff on hand to handle the overdoses, seizures and heart attacks these kids have. They tell them, don't use too much next time. They have a set up with the hospital across the street to take the kids to that provides horrible service. My gut tells me they they do this to keep bad publicity out. No one dies on their floor, but a lot of close calls. It's HOT in there, people get dehydrated, everyone is doped up or drunk. And to keep the bad publicity under wraps, they have their own security, paramedics and staff to help hide all this, and to top it off, a deal with the Providence Hospital who doesn't ask too many questions and doesn't provide IV's, CAT SCANS, nothing, releases a seizure victim too early to only have another seizure driving down the road. I am speaking from experience. Stay away from this place. Keep your family out of here.

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