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Washington, DC
2135 Queens Chapel Rd NE Washington, DC, 20018
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  • Nayan Patel 80 days ago

    One of the best dance clubs I have ever been too. Large dance floor. Clean restrooms and a very long bar counter! They host all the top artist in the EDM scene.

  • Ado P 211 days ago

    Best EDM club in the Northeast in my opinion. Festival quality sound system and lights shows with lasers.

  • Leonardo Arango 415 days ago

    I was having a great time at the PVD set. I got early to be at the very front. One drunk guy decided to push me aside. The person next to me was also uncomfortable by that. We both decided to get him out of our space. The result: I got yanked off from the concert like a criminal. I kept asking the security guy, in a very polite way to stop pushing me, or inflicting harm on me, because it was clear to me that I was being kicked out. I was not fighting or intoxicated. He simply kept inflicting harm on my arms like I was not cooperating (but I was, and I continued requesting in a polite way to let me go). If a person is cooperating when being kicked off the club, please do not use or incite violence. One of the most humiliating nights of my life.

  • Benjamin Zeitler 449 days ago

    Has a blast. Good venue. Great bartenders. Many of the crowd not very PLUR but made it work. I would go back but you have to hold your own in the crowd. Just be ready to be super close to others when trying to dance.

  • Id Di 472 days ago

    Cool venue: large main dance floor with bars running along both sides, has a 2nd level VIP sort of thing Has coat check (~$5 for the show I went to, tip: take pic of your coat claim ticket) Alcohol on the expensive side (don't remember specifics but was music concert prices) Plan your departure ahead of time since end-of-night crowd congests traffic and surges ride-hail prices Stay hydrated, remember ear protection, have fun & get wild~

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