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(212) 260-2445

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85 E 4th St New York, NY, 10003
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  • Bilal Zaidi 3 days ago

    Pretty good place with a 2-drink minimum. The comics are decent, but the menu is pricey. Good place to spend a few hours on Thursdays and Fridays though, that's for sure!

  • Zephani Idoko 14 days ago

    Since there has to be at least one star, It'll be for the comedy. That was the only good thing about our entire eastville experience. Everything else was horrible. We were told multiple times to arrive at least an hour early to claim tickets or they'd be given away. Box office didn't actually open until about 15 minutes before the show so we were stuck waiting around for over half an hour. The venue doesn't serve food and service for drinks was really bad. On top of all this, the bill arrived and we were shocked to find a mandatory 18% tip would be added. Nowhere in all the information we were provided leading up to that moment did we see anything or did anyone mention the added tip would be that high. The only notice was in the tiniest font at the bottom of the back of the menu saying tips would be added (no mention of 18% anywhere) they then threatened to call the police when we complained about this. Pretty terrible experience all around.

  • David Doss 17 days ago

    Abominable establishment; decent comedy lineup. Was told on the event page to get there 1 hour early. Arrived and waited 50 minutes before actually being seated - there wasn't even anyone at the ticket counter until then. They refused to let us sit at a front table, which was never filled. Waiting staff was rude and unhelpful. It took 20 minutes and me getting up to flag down a server before drinks were served. 18% gratuity is automatically added - nowhere did it say that on the website or on the event page. Somewhere on the back of a menu I barely looked at in the dark, it vaguely said "gratuity is automatically added". After receiving slow, rude, and subpar service, they called the police on me because I protested the excessive forced gratuity to the equally rude manager. If you want good comedy WITHOUT a miserable experience, go to Comedy Cellar or anywhere else, really.

  • Jordan Wesley Nuni 58 days ago

    There is a reason this is the lowest quality comedy club in the city. The staff treat you with no common courtesy and are down right rude. Not to mention, the venue is terrible compared to other clubs in the city. To make up for the venue, and weaker quality comedy, one would think the staff would be overly nice.. however, it's the opposite.. Avoid this place at all costs! Go to The Stand or Comedy Cellar for the good comics, friendly staff, and a great time.

  • Nizar Assad 90 days ago

    This place would be perfect 5 stars if they stopped scamming customers with their drinks. I've been here about 5 times, but what gives charging $12 for house liquor when you're pouring literally all soda? Every. Single. Time. Highway robbery at it's finest. But besides that, the comedians are always great.

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