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900 Oakwood St Ypsilanti, MI, 48197
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  • Karissa Bosquez 28 days ago

    I had an excellent experience academically. I spent most of my time at the College of Business. Also, the majority of professors I encountered were passionate and engaging. The only complaint I have, is regarding parking. They increased the price of parking passes significantly but didn't increase the amount of parking spaces. Depending on the time of your classes you just might pay for a parking pass you can't use.

  • m Pierson 257 days ago

    I love eastern

  • Ben S 278 days ago

    Proud EMU alum. This is a great school. It's a beautiful campus that's not too huge, but a good size, and contained. But there are nice local businesses for students within walking distance. The campus has a great mix of historic buildings, some from the turn of the 20th Century; mid-century buildings from the time of the school's big expansion; and new and nicely renovated buildings as well. A great, diverse student body and plenty of faculty that are devoted to teaching.

  • Amy Thomas 1162 days ago

    The graduation held on December 21, 2013 at 2 p.m. was a disaster.The was some lady who was reading off names of graduates who had the loudest voice I have ever heard and very annoying. Guests were holding their hands over their ears to cut of some of her loud annoying voice, while some escaped to the halls. Second some idiot closed some of the doors at the handicap entrance leaving only two doors open and people were mobbed trying to get out. When i asked why they did not open more than two doors, her reply was 'to keep people from coming back in"what ever that means. Having graduates exit at the handicap parking lot exit must have been the decision of an idiot. It only caused more jams and confusion. Furthermore there were NO parking attendance to direct cars and some one shut off the traffic light and had police take over with hand signals which only caused more confusion. All and all a almost perfect graduation was ruined. As a guest I will never return to that mess again. Certainly after as many graduation ceremonies you have held you surely could have done a better job that you did.

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