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East Bay Meditation Center

Oakland, CA
285 17th St Oakland, CA, 94612
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  • jeanettesdaughter 31 days ago

    No words. Meditation workshop for women: Love letters to ourselves. Wonderful experience. Very inclusive Buddhist community fully engaged with an appreciative community. Very nice people. Accessible Buddhism. Only in the Bay Area!

  • Darlene Cooper 129 days ago

    Welcoming inclusive environment. I wish I could be there everyday. I wish I could support them financially as well. They are amazing.

  • Zachary Cole 309 days ago

    A very welcoming space. I had a great meditation here and they had an informative dharma talk that was digestible and beneficial. Just wish they had more open meditations.

  • Matthew Patella 328 days ago

    They were very into diversity, but their white male who was in charge of the Every Body Every Mind Sunday sit set the tone, sort of, in getting in my head, and shaking me around from behind on two occasions. They wouldn't talk to me about it and their website was very heavily 'buggy' suddenly when I tried to report it to them. When that is combined with the fact that they encourage people to not hold still when sitting and then do suggestive energy into the collective consciousness, its not a 3 star place to me. Yet some of the energy work was brilliant. If there was an hour of actual meditation anywhere in the schedule I'd give them 3 stars, with one star docked for gropers, and one star docked for sarcastic leadership, but it wasn't a place to build a practice. The area around them is full of unsolved murders and many of the teachers seemed very 'off', but there was some actual talent too. Not using a car, carrying a pack instead, and being mostly raw vegan spurrs on groping usually. Had complaining about verbal bullying been aggressively misinterpreted in the past? Because there was no room to do so. The male gropers acted like the place was a hay-day for them, and although the female staff got the first one, I learned I had to keep moving and act stuck up or I was going to get nailed by the next. Many Buddhist places are pinned down like this with 'off' males in top leadership positions and plenty of groping filtering through because of it. Creative leadership solutions did seem unthinkable in the place.

  • Kathryn Wright 430 days ago

    Great community based meditation center. Diverse, committed to social justice, run on gift economy, and community led. Great for beginners as well as seasoned meditators. A community gem and thankful to the founders of this special place.

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