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Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center

Lanesboro, MN

(507) 467-2437

Open now
28097 Goodview Dr Lanesboro, MN, 55949
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  • Jordan Frye 33 days ago

    Great food and awesome staff

  • Herobrin39Gaming 63 days ago

    Ive heard good things about eagle bluff I'm so excited to go to eagle bluff with all of my friends (school trip about 3 days) but I've also heard the have a summer thing called camp summit. And don't listen to those people that say eagle bluff is "lame, boring and the staff are rude" because my friends have gone and the staff aren't rude and it isn't lame or boring. I'm going tomorrow w/ the st. Francis of Assisi school junior high. Well byeee ik put a comment if I like eagle bluff or not on Saturday the 23rd, 2017

  • Olexandra Sergiyivna Koliychuk 72 days ago

    I wish there was a 0 star option... I will never go there again.

  • NAJMA SHEIKH OMAR 270 days ago

    I went here about last week and it was an AMAZING experience. I did archery for the first time, did a cool treetops course. Lunch, breakfast and dinner were tasty. I definitely recommend this to every school in MN.

  • DAVID WILICHOWSKI 316 days ago

    It was extremely cool loved the experience. Definitely would go back there again. Enjoyed hiking and learning about the environment and animals.

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