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DSI Comedy Theater

Chapel Hill, NC
462 W Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC, 27514
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  • Sean Cavanaugh 355 days ago

    The comedy acts can definitely be hit or miss but when they get on a good improv topic it's hilarious. The cost is super cheap and even the bar inside is inexpensive. We are really lucky to have this place in chapel Hill, I am sure I will be back again and again.

  • Dawn Dreyer 379 days ago

    I'm having an amazing experience taking Improv 101 st DSI. The teachers are great, and the other people in my are really fun to be around. I'm definitely taking more classes!

  • Dana Cea 382 days ago

    Stopped by for the improv after dinner. Improv (family friendly) was great and would've been better if the audience had had better suggestions (my suggestions were not family friendly). We had such a great time during improv that we stuck around for the next show, which our ticket for the improv got us into for free. It appears that DSI invited a troupe to perform the opening act, and I was disappointed in their distasteful joking about suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, and dying by suicide. I recognize that comedians try to make light of many different topics, but this one hit me the wrong way. The next act, Black Ops, made up for the first. There was a third act for the second show, and another whole show after that one wrapped up, but we left after Black Ops. Knowing that the one act was invited and may not be a recurring act will make me come back again.

  • Robert Horvick 428 days ago

    The class experience has been wonderful. Really looking forward to watching shows as well.

  • Jeremy Roberts 441 days ago

    First time attending a comedy event here and the style of comedy was unusual. Most likely will not return as the seating was not ideal for seeing what was going on. I spent more time watching a delayed security camera TV on the wall because my view was blocked by other peoples heads.

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