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DreamBank - American Family Insurance

Madison, WI

(608) 286-3150

Open now
1 N Pinckney St Madison, WI, 53703
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  • Ethan Jochem 6 days ago

    Very wonderful place. Perfect for getting work done in a positive envirpment. Staff is amazing and tea is quite good!

  • Terri Gregory 147 days ago

    I can't believe more people don't know about this fabulous free resource right on the Square. I applaud American Family Insurance for their largesse (I'm not affiliated with them). It is an excellent professional and family resource.

  • Jonas B 210 days ago

    Very disappointing. Won't go again. This appears to be a way of data collection for profit, don't give them any of your information without being paid. My daughter and I went in to check it out. It was all about dreams. My daughter is a big dreamer. She wanted to talk about dreams to the people on site, but they couldn't spend two minutes to listen. We were the only ones there outside of the employees the entire time we were there. They were all just sitting on their computers and seemed disinterested. My daughter walked away sad. We are treated better almost anywhere. When someone is telling you their dream, at a dreambank, you really should take a minute to listen. It's clear that the people aren't engaged and are making too much money for the job they are doing. They just want people to come in and participate in their data gathering experiments and let them be uninterrupted.

  • Rebecca Altman 222 days ago

    Wonderful community space. Great snacks and bottled water. The classes are inspiring and the exhibits are fun.

  • Chris Layton 1443 days ago

    It's like a community center with free snacks, beverages, and chocolate covered marshmallows! They had a bunch of exhibits inside about developing your dreams which is cool too. Heard they have weekly workshops on different subjects like resume building or gardening (I think you can check the website for dates and times). Definitely coming back; really nice to have a local place to come and relax.

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