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1532 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL, 33139
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  • Platano Marc 21 days ago

    They create the allusion of a full club on the outside, while only 8 people were inside, 12am. Shots are 'south beach' primium price. Music was okay. Gone a couple of times here, been 'eh' experience.

  • ECOSMART PS 24 days ago

    I watched the bouncer tell someone who asked them what club this is and how it is inside, he responded "these nutz". Its funny, i was with was ready to buy 3 to 5 bottles, we ended up going down the street and partied there instead. Now every time i go to miami or i hear of someone i know going, i tell them to stay far away from this place. Whose ever in charge of bouncers at the front... time for you to start hiring bouncers who dont scare off people wanting to spend money in their club.

  • chad briggs 29 days ago

    HIP HOP! If you want a good hip hop club on south beach Dream is a small/medium sized club that everyone loves especially on a Friday night. They are open on Wednesday's and Saturday's as well. I prefer Dream over most other clubs in town.

  • Marco Roca 32 days ago

    It was a crazy long line for what amounted to a disappointing evening. The music wasn't great, there wasn't that much space, and there are more fun crowds in South Beach.

  • Renee P 558 days ago

    Went here while I was on vacation from DC. $60 entry for ladies on a Saturday night. I went with some friends who had purchased a table; however, I arrived before them and decided to pay to enter instead of waiting to enter with them. I stood in the line which never moves. Then, ended up walking in with my friends anyway. Of course you would think that it was completely packed inside, since there were so many people outside waiting to get in line for an hour. But it was completely empty. The club was small compared to what I'm used to in DC. The bathrooms were disgusting. And the man had on sneakers while the women were required to have on heels. Miami step your game up.

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