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Doxx Bar

Sioux City, IA

(712) 224-3650

Open now

(712) 224-3650

Open now
1219 5th St Sioux City, IA, 51101
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  • justin lindsey 6 days ago

    I really love this bar for multiple reasons: 1 adults under 24 are not allowed in there. 2 there are games like Big Buck Hunter world, beer pong, other arcade games. 3 free nachos. Boom enough said.

  • DJ Treglia 15 days ago

    Fun older atmosphere...they have popcorn too😁

  • Joshua Appel 31 days ago

    I really like this bar. It has wide open spaces so that you can avoid bumping into the sweaty guy next to you while still delivering live music and drinking games like beer pong. Has a decent outdoor area if the music is too loud, and the bar itself has enough real estate that you don't have to wait forever for a drink. The waitresses make rounds often so that your table is never forgotten. It's a little ways off the beaten path of the old 4th street bar string, and even further from the Pearl Street Renovation for nightlife so I think this place gets overlooked a lot. It's a shame because it really is a fun bar.

  • Wanda Kneip 69 days ago

    Great music, good tasting drinks but if you want a decent amount of alcohol in them you have to buy extra shots

  • Robin Jackson 78 days ago

    Love this bar. Very wide mix of people. Bands almost every weekend. Twoers on Thursdays. Some games for people but enough tables and room that is a comfortable bar.

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