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16278 Pacific Coast Hwy Huntington Beach, CA, 92649
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  • Kimberly McMahon 42 days ago

    Went on a Thursday night and had the rib special and it was amaIng. The big issue for me is that I go to tiki bars everywhere and when I go it is custom to buy a tiki mug. This is the first tiki bar I have been to that you cannot purchase a tiki mug at all unless it is a special event. They won't even serve the drinks in tiki glasses. The waitress claims it is so they can make more money when they have them and make them more collectible. I think that ruins the whole experience of why I go to a tiki bar in the first place....I love the fun glasses. A bit of a disappoint but the food was good and the Zombie is great just add the absinthe for $2 more.

  • Kyle Gilmore 46 days ago

    Best tiki bar next to trader Sam's in orange county

  • Drew Sattler 63 days ago

    Thought if was a seafood joint. Turns out it's a Hawaiian menu. Stale, old, seemingly dirty decor.

  • jasmine green 70 days ago

    I dig this place for the ambience of cheesy Hawaiian theme blast from the past 60s. Draws a mixed crowd for shows where music is played in the bar or one of several large dining rooms. They make heavily ladened with alcohol drinks in fruity fashions. Food is ok but a bit pricey for the portions given.

  • viviana morales 76 days ago

    Reggae Sunday! Best discovery since moving back home. It's like Rasta church.

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