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DeSoto High School

DeSoto, TX
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600 Eagle Dr DeSoto, TX, 75115
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  • XXbrokenheadXX2 73 days ago

    I just cant put into words the mixed feelings of this place. On one side if you get the right teachers (AP classes so cant speak for regular classes) its quite possible to learn alot. There is also the secretive "we want to do good for those who care" teachers as there are always coaches for multiple academic competitions. But then the other side, the fighting, the lack of resistance to me literally breaking every rule just because i have a spine and stood up for myself, the easy corruption thats obtainable through smart connections. Overall it just is not a school to me, it was a oversized daycare and playground. But hey, SPORTS!

  • Yung Outlaw 132 days ago

    I can't stand this school these kids have no home training, teachers show favoritism to the bad kids like c'mon now your here to teach I just really can't wait leave 😒😒

  • Joseph Hellums 159 days ago

    I have a fat cock and the school doesn't let me whip it out without getting expelled

  • LiToya Gray 203 days ago

    The building violates health standards and the students barely learn anything . The school has low security of bullying and no one can do their job right also students have a high risk or chance getting into a fight at this school and getting seriously injured. DeSoto High School does not reassure that your child is safe in their hands. Molesting and harassment happens every now and then in this school,students have the possession of drug use and also drug dealing at this school. DeSoto High school needs the be shut down because of the violating health code that is not being fixed and also the drug dealing.

  • Alondra Marquez 258 days ago

    I graduated from this school in 2015 and and I can tell you that this school DOES NOT prepare you for college! This high school doesn't teach you anything unless you go to an Advanced Placement (AP) class. The teachers in regular classrooms like to play around with the students instead of giving them real work to help them learn and prepare for college. The students in this school like to act like they come from the ghetto bringing in drugs and the teachers easily pass students who are lazy and don't learn a thing. Also there's too many students in 1 classroom. They either need to make another high school or expand the high school and hire REAL teachers who are willing to teach.

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