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DeSoto High School

DeSoto, TX
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600 Eagle Dr DeSoto, TX, 75115
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  • The Anti-Human Humanist 26 days ago

    This so-called 'place of learning' is mediocrity incarnate. All over the place are incredibly arbritrary and inconsistent rules that should have no affect at all on the learning ability of the student body and for them to have a successful future. Dress codes are needlessly strict and unorganized and a common student may find themselves placed in ISS for wearing a 'shirt that's out of color' with no attempt to simply send the student home. Teachers often have no idea how to actually teach their subjects and textbooks (what little there are) are frequently tarnished, slandered, and severely outdated. However, the worst part about this school would have to the the general apathy and disregard that the vast majority of staff (and many of the students aswell) have. Teachers legitimately don't seem to care at all about teaching the students new things and only seem to be doing it for a paycheck and to have banal social interactions. The actual learning system itself is pathetic. No attempt is made to teach the pupils relevant information or how to apply what they learn to reality. Rather, it's simply "Here are 10 things to know about XYZ, make sure to study them for the test in two weeks". It all focuses on memory and not actually learning anything. Not to even mention the situation with WiFi... Overall, I'd give this school a 4/10 at best. This is one of the worst schools in north Texas. Please option for at least a dozen other schools before you choose this one.

  • Calvin White 33 days ago

    Loved the way our kids were taught and the success they had as students. I love the open campus and availability of teachers and administrators, where I as a parent could contact anytime. Thanks Desoto. Eagle for life.

  • Franklin Scott 45 days ago

    Seriously, they literally care about atheltic program, instead of there Academics, there are fights, and drugs. It rather go to Duncanville or Cedar Hill. They seriously care about sports that it. And they wonder why this school is not that good. Parents don't let your students come to this school, unless you guys are into Sports lot.

  • Theresa Owens 76 days ago

    Teachers aren't teaching, When you call the school for issues you are transfered everywhere without the answer and no call back. I have a 10 th grader I am waiting on test results from Starr.She attended EOC camp for 2subjects when I received in the mail she only failed 1.Later on went to the school to find out councler misprinted #'s I received in the mail. Currently I am waiting on next test scores if they aren't passing scores I am driving to Austin to report DeSoto personally due to waste of time EOC camp and EOC class during school year.

  • Marine Tea 179 days ago

    School was just awful. Didn't learn anything that's considered useful for life. The Teachers, Counselors, hell even the principals only wanted the money. The school is ridiculously unorganized and over all "If you ain't loud and ghetto" or "If you don't suck the teachers dick" then you will never get recognized. The school didn't have textbooks for majority of its classes (And if they did, the books are YEARS old). If you reported sexual harassment or bullying, the counselors are absolutely useless. The dress code checks were uncalled for but gave the useless people in the office something to do instead of flirting with other teachers or talking about babies and food. The last 3 days of school were terrible. If the kids didn't pay for the cheap field trips, Let them stay home. We already know you want that pay check for the students attendance. This school isn't smart or sneaky with those see through actions. 10/10 if you want your kids to be emotionally and physically scared with an existential crisis then this schools for you!

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