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Denver Human Service

Denver, CO

(720) 944-3666

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1200 Federal Blvd Denver, CO, 80204
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  • Lyudmila Kalchenko 52 days ago

    I have a lot of kids more than 7 and i am homeless i went to get a voucher motel and they said come in a few days to get it. I am homeless with kids and nowwhere to go the dhs is doing nothing to help me. Just giving me papers to call. I have called almost every paper they gave me and they dont have room. Thank you

  • Jerome Kimble 65 days ago

    Rude employee's. Terrible atmosphere. Very unhelpful. People have to go here to get on foodstamps if there from Denver county, and have no other alternatives on a different location. They make you feel like your lower than low for needing support or aid especially if your dressed nice. The possibilities for a class action lawsuit fur discrimination are endless.

  • David Sanders 80 days ago

    I went first thing in the morning and didn't have to wait. Just be pleasant to them and they will be good to you.

  • Trevor Glenn 81 days ago

    USE YOUR PHONE OR A CAMERA TO VIDEO RECORD WHEN IN THIS BUILDING! I have tried to pay child support to the pedophiles and when I go in they say I don't owe anything. That my account is closed. So I've video recorded each of the CPS workers in that building and have put them on the web. The fat Security officer tells me I can't record in that government building and I keep telling her to show me the signs that say "NO VIDEO RECORDING" and she has yet to point them out to me. Then they call the police to follow and harass me and they can't do anything either, cause well, TITLE IV is a business that to extort money from men whos children have been kidnaped. I didn't sign a contract to be apart of this business therefore I record the lies these CPS workers tell me. Don't trust any CPS worker in this building. Record them. If you're not as bold as me, at least have an audio recording of them. They usually run like cockroaches when a camera comes out for them.

  • Matthew Anderson 252 days ago

    Information booth: Everytime I walk into this building and ask a question to any employee I feel like a criminal for doing so. The huffs and gruffs I get each time I try to get some help makes me just want to turn around each time and walk out CPS: Each case worker is different, I've proven 10 different times this year I'm not on drugs, but they still ask for more and more each lie that's fed them. They never return your calls and threaten you to call a certain day and meet with them or they'll take a different avenue with your kids, but when you do call on said time and date; no one returns your call to set something up. Voluntary services: Great people, awesome help. If I could separate the reviews these guys would get 5 stars, but unfortunately I can't.

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