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Denver Human Service

Denver, CO

(720) 944-3666

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1200 Federal Blvd Denver, CO, 80204
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  • BurrBerry 32 21 days ago

    I really wonder how many cigarettes the employees smoke a dey. There's more people outside smoking then doing there job.


    Thanks for ALL YOU GUYS DO @the Denver Health & Human Services Castro Building 12th & Federal

  • Jamie Bates 63 days ago

    Worst place on Earth!. All kidding aside DHS a lot to learn about customer service and helping people who need assistance. these employees take more cigarettes breaks then I've ever heard of. Its 850 am i ask one of the employees outside smoking,"it's not even 9 yet wht are you not working?" The over privileged government worker says " you don't know what time I started". I'm thinking it's not even 9 o'clock and there's 8 of you outside smoking cigarettes. get to work! not only that they go to smoke breaks it packs and droves 3 to 10 people at a time together. It's obvious to anybody who's paying attention watching the smokers outside that hours of each day hour work day are spent outside the building not working but smoking cigarettes. I think it goes without saying anybody has been to welfare know that people are so so rude. I've been lied to about my case like 8 times since I got to Colorado in the end of September.

  • LaDy Jones 69 days ago

    I have had to have help from time to time. Sadly this is that time. I faxed in my application for food stamps and called two days later to check in it. It was pending. The customer service rep (I so wish I had gotten her name) said that she will see what she could do about getting me a call back that day. I was hopeful but not expecting a call that day. My technician, Christina called me within the hour! She was great to talk to. I was so tempted to pour my heart out because she was professional and understanding but I stayed focused on the information she needed. This morning...11-9-16...there was a good stamp deposit on my card. Thank you Christina and Customer Service! For those of you complaining... If you're not truthful or if you're rude...really think about it. Who would appreciate that when all they're trying to do is help but staying in compliance with the state? They don't make the rules but it's up to us as the ones in need to present ourselves as progressive individuals who aren't entitled to this type of help. This is where you ease up on pride and take it down a notch and look at the reality of your situation and who can really help. They're not coming to you...remember you came to them. Respect and honesty goes a long way. I'm proud to say that I am proof. Thank you DDHS!!!!

  • Aubrey Cain 99 days ago

    Except for the EXCEPTIONAL service in the Replacement QUEST CARD office,on the main floor, the rest of the staff acts like they're on vacation while the clients often wait for hours. I've also had great assistance in the "Copying Documents"room. I was asked if I could be helped as soon as I stepped through the door,and have rarely had to wait there..the rest of these depts,could learn a lesson from those workers that take pride in doing their jobs correctly and treat the clients with respect.

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