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Cambridge, MA
10 Prospect St Cambridge, MA, 02139
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  • Tom McAlear 479 days ago

    Danger! It might have been awesome, but now its gone. Went there and signs are gone, place is now full of beauty salon products.

  • Johnathan VanSkyhawk 622 days ago

    I haven't been dissatisfied with the services they offer

  • Nick Lennox 828 days ago

    An inspiring place! Really gets the creative juices flowing.

  • Elizabeth Devane 828 days ago

    Such a fun place! They can help you make almost anything. Seriously stretched my imagination

  • kaya antonelli 1266 days ago

    Although this business was a rip off of Einsteins Workshop in Burlington (also started by an MIT grad) I decided to give it a try because it was convenient as my daughters attend MIT on Sundays for MITxplore. On Saturday after Thanksgiving ( you know the busiest shopping weekend of the year) my three eldest daughters and I made a date to come in to danger awesome to create holiday ornaments for an upcoming craft fair. We anticipated being in there for about 5 hours so, instead of driving 40 minutes back to our house, we booked a hotel at the Kendall Sq Marriott and decided to stay overnight (as I mentioned my daughters take a course at MIT on Sunday). We got our computers, snacks hiked a half mile from the closest parking spot to find they were closed ( see picture). Their hours on phone message, the email confirmation, sign on the door, etc said open Saturday 10-7. Not True. So, we went back on Monday only to be met by the most unfriendly business owner I have ever encountered. He practically squeezed my hand off during a handshake and told me "we announced our closing on the previous Saturday via social media. Wrong again - I checked twitter, Facebook, kickstarter - no mention of the close. I told him I spend $170 on a hotel I couldn't return and he gave me a 20% off coupon that was given to everyone on their first order. So, I ordered my wooden snowflakes and the owners assistant confirmed the order of 16 snowflakes plus a 3D tree. There were to be "two of each ornament." They didn't give me a price there because that is not their policy but they did say it would be around $3/ornament. Two days later I get an email stating my order is done. I sent my hubby back to Cambridge to pick up the order. He was not given a receipt or anything. He brought the lunch bag full of ornaments to me and there were four missing and no receipt. Also, the total was $96. Number one, the owner's assistant quoted me saying it would be about $3/ornament which totaled $36 provided we only received 12 of the ornaments. Then, to top it all off some of the ornaments were a horrible quality - stained not at all what we were shown previous to the pick-up. Half were beautiful and half looked horrid. I called immediately to discuss this and got a machine - surprised? Overall, I love the idea of a maker-space as does everyone but the owner is pretty arrogant and has horrid customer service and people skills. I would go to Einsteins if I had another project like this again. I feel bad for all of the supporters that supported this company from Kickstarter if the owner doesn't change his tune this place will surely be gone soon.

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