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Dance Fever Studios

Brooklyn, NY

(718) 637-3216

Closed now

(718) 637-3216

Closed now
159 20th St Brooklyn, NY, 11232
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  • Denton Cleaning LLC 66 days ago

    One day, some day, I'm going to do it soon...finally I decided to stop putting it off and the time is now. I signed up at the end of the third week of October and it is the third week of November and I'm so much more confident, at ease, skilled and it feels like second nature the more I practice. I'm taking private lessons and fill in with the group class. It's so much fun, they're patient yet firm (which I need because I was all over the place) and professional. I called other schools that didn't return my call. They will return your call here. Do it - if you're like me and have been "dreaming" of doing it. Not

  • Olympia Andrade 83 days ago

    I love Dance Fever Studios and in particular, Francis! First my father and I joined for our father-daughter dance and it was amazing. Not only did we get to learn the Fox Trot, but he and I got to spend some quality time together. We had so much fun! Francis made the entire process seem effortless (and this coming from someone with two left feet). After having such an amazing experience, my fiance and I decided to begin lessons. Francis was really patient with us as we chose to pursue a more difficult dance - the cha cha. Francis made us look like experienced dancers in a mere six weeks. He was so proud of our progress, we even show cased an event. Dance Fever Studios along with the entire staff provide a truly amazing experience. They are like a family and they work so hard to encourage, inspire, and instill a love for dancing. Plus it is so much fun!

  • Glenn Friedel 92 days ago

    My then fiance and I took dance lessons for our first wedding dance. I have two left feet and Noelia really taught me how to dance-not just follow some steps. We learned The Hustle and had seven lessons to make us "camera ready."Our first dance blew people away and I am very happy we went to Dance Fever. The studio is professional and everyone there is so nice. Noelia's funny and helpful personality made it, dare I

  • Nicole Aucoin 104 days ago

    My husband and I took private lessons at Dance Fever Studios prior to our wedding and it was absolutely worth it (and necessary, as we soon found out during our first lesson)! Noelia and her endless patience got us through the basics and on to some fun turns and dips that we incorporated into our first dance. We couldn't have been happier with the result!

  • Anthony Colorafi 184 days ago

    I just had a private dance lesson with Noelia at Dance Fever Studios. She is a very knowledgeable, articulate, patient,experienced and nice teacher.. If you follow exactly what she tells you to do and put in some practice you will be dancing like a pro!!! Advice: Make a video at the lesson and do not give up. You need to work, too.

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