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Crowell Public Library

San Marino, CA

(626) 300-0777

Open now
1890 Huntington Dr San Marino, CA, 91108
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  • Hongyu Zhang 4 days ago

    It is a great library!

  • Mohannad Safadi 52 days ago

    Small library where any noise echoes. This place needs more places to sit and study.

  • kristian gao 58 days ago

    I like this place which is very near my home and the service is very good

  • Kaifah Nafoosi 235 days ago

    Friendly atmosphere, most staff members are helpful & understanding to library visitors & guests. This library is unique in a way since they offer variety of services to the public. Obtaining information about any material is with easy access. Relaxing place for the oldies who like to read magazine or news paper or even a book. The tables are in good shape, but the seats might need new upholstery or just cleaning, ( steam clean or dry cleaning to maintain healthier environment. I also like thier policy to check out material since it's not difficult I think that the printing system can be possibly less complicated since we have to always take our print order # plus the library card # etc. Also the one hour computer usage time should be extended to 2 hours when library is not busy, and when all computers are not occupied, and when the unused computers are 20%. That means if there are 100 computers, and 20 of them available, then the time per used computer should be in away where the user can extend it to another hour without getting intertupted, and that is just in my opinion only, but hay its a free country & since I don't make the rules for now, I have to suffer with being interrupted every time I am on the internet, but my hour is up eventhough i am still in the middle of my project, or page, or printed material, etc. I am not complaining but speaking up my experiences. Other than that, this library is better than others in certain ways. But each library has its own styles however, all & all, it's a great library. Nafoosi

  • Jessica Lin 266 days ago

    Perhaps now it is summer time, lots of people crowded in the afternoon, children sitting there playing mobiles and there is young child running around which were some kinda distraction. Overall is a good place for studying or reading books/magazines.

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