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Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

Tampa, FL
One Crisis Center Plaza Tampa, FL, 33613
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  • Marie Macher 98 days ago

    This facility helped me everywhere from the 211 staff, to hooking me up with a theralist. The only one who never gave up on me. Angela was amazing and will do great things in lifr. She cares about patients. The entire organization is great and I'm thankful they are in the community

  • Elizabeth a 140 days ago

    I wish I had the same positive experiences everyone else is having. That’s what I really needed. The first time I came here was under really unfortunate circumstances but everyone was really nice and efficient and helped me feel better. However I returned for counseling and it’s been a nightmare. I was told to come here early to fill out paperwork. I get here 30 minutes early and let the receptionist know I’m here for an appointment at 1. She acts confused as if appointments and counseling aren’t a thing here. I get no paperwork to fill out so I just sit here for 30 minutes. Then 30 minutes later after tons of people have walked in and out and seen and greeted me, a random woman stops and berates me for not having my badge on. The receptionist had handed it to me with no explanation and I’d had it visibly in my hand the entire time. I’m already here for a sensitive issue so to have to deal with a clueless receptionist looking at me like I’m an idiot, then a random woman berating me over a badge (like obviously I’m here waiting for an appointment) has already brought me close to tears, and I haven’t even gotten into mt appointment yet.

  • Lisa Ann Smith 269 days ago

    Very fine staff. Good people.

  • Marie Macher 273 days ago

    The staff are extremely nice and therapists are great. My transition to Florida was difficult and was not sure where to get help and resources. Not only did their 211 staff help me, but I was able to get top notch counseling and support. Very thankful this is in our community.

  • ana holguin 469 days ago

    I love my job here, my co-workers supervisors and rest of he staff always go above and beyond for me either working or personal life experiences Thanks

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