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Craven Community College

New Bern, NC

(252) 638-7200

800 College Ct New Bern, NC, 28562
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  • jessica butterly 96 days ago

    I have had the worst experience here. Every semester there have been problems/issues with Pell Grant pay our, admissions, and Scheduling problems that I have been registered at this college. With one more semester to complete before earning my associates degree I have decided to apply to a different college due to the incrediblely bad experience I have had with this college. There was an extreme lack of communication between staff and the student body especially in my case. I was not even scheduled for my ACA class (one in which all students should take their first semester) I did not even know what it was. I am now in the ACA class and it is completely useless because I had to figure everything thing out on my own (I already know all information being presented to me) I have a 3.8 GPA and am a good student. If you receive an education from this place is is a byproduct of your own hard work and of them making money off of you/your Pell Grant and not them wanting you to succeed. I would not recommend this college to anyone for any reason.

  • Tammy Wetherington 307 days ago

    Don't understand why the bookstore staff ( only one lady) had to be so rude to my son when he asked a simple question, and when he said okay, thank you, she walked off. Funny thing is...he remembered her from the spring semester. So disappointing.

  • Shawna Herrington 389 days ago

    workforce development doesn't have the best communication. The website should be more in depth of what you need and what you're walking into! I am use to knowing who my instrcutor/professor is before the first day of school and a list of school supplies that I will actually need and have an email to ask my instructor questions instead of being bounced around the whole building trying to figure out things! My instructor on the other hand really is amazing and makes class enjoyable! Would give 5 stars, but to me communication is everything!

  • Mike Miller 445 days ago

    Went through nursing school there in 2000-2001. Excellent teachers. Was working full time while going through school and they worked with me as much as they could. Would not have gotten though it without their support.

  • Aislynn Goolsby 547 days ago

    Classes are amazing with great professors. My issue is the process each semester whether it's admissions or financial aid. Lack of communication and professionalism. One example was my address was changed and they almost charged me for out of state prices and I went in to fix it. The woman who was dealing with this issue didn't have the decency to speak to me face to face. Instead she saw me and hid in her cubicle to avoid me. I wish it was a one time deal but it's every single semester I get a call saying there's an issue!

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