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1640 N Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90028
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  • Steven Carrillo 35 days ago

    Cramped, hot, and dirty. Music is mostly unknown artist mixed with the overuse of the DJ horn. Drinks are reasonably priced. Don't be surprised if you leave there smelling like cigarettes or weed.

  • Jake Patterson 45 days ago

    Worst time ever music was trash, i went to see famous dex who was advertised to come and NEVER CAME instead had to see bum Joe Moses and i would of never of even came if the tickets didn't say famous dex on them. False advertisement and a scam if you ask me i would rate 0/5 if i could.

  • Blaq Shark 60 days ago

    So excited about " The Cypher Dome" Starting in Jan 2017... It's going to be Amazing.

  • Rich Kim 120 days ago

    saw Monkey Safari and loved them! great spot on friday nights for some groovy house music.

  • Daniela Castanotto 267 days ago

    This place could be so much better, but… it’s not! I organized a private party for my daughter’s birthday. We decided on a budget and signed a contract (so far so good). I will refrain to discuss every detail and focus only on what I think went unacceptably wrong. Since the agreement, the contract kept changing as the date of the party got closer (of course not in our favor); the usual excuses were “my mistake…I did not know … your budget is limited (although my budget was the same for the entire time). We had about 50 invitees. I will not discuss the other charges but just for the food (excluding the drinks) we agreed to pay $20/person (which is NOT cheap) to have 3 types of appetizers for the adults sitting outside in the patio and 3 types (sliders, chicken kebab and zucchini fries) for the youngsters dancing inside. In the contract was clearly specified that each person would get 2-3 pieces of each appetizer. For the adults it would be a buffet style in a reserved area, while for the people inside the waiters (which we paid for) would pass the appetizers around for 1-hour. The day of the event, no waiter stationed in the patio knew about the party, there was no reserved area nor a buffet style table set up for us. The worst part is that they did not pass the appetizers inside, they only placed 1-type (the sliders) at the bar and merely enough to get 1 to 2 per person (it should have been 2-3 pieces of 3 types = 6-9). I guess Club Couture is weak in math! I instructed the teens to brag about having the most expensive, single slider in Los Angeles ($20). When I voiced my disappointment I was told that they were “surprised”, they “did not know what happened”, and “it’s the chef” oh, “it’s another chef” one, they never used before (because of my budget…you know…). My understanding is that they were about to finalize a contract for another party (a Bar Mitzvah) and I believe they were just delaying the posting of my review as now they have stopped responding without ever offering an explanation for what happened (nor – of course – any form of refund). So “BAR MITZVAH PEOPLE” if you have just signed a contract and you are reading this, BE AWARE, they will ask you for a deposit and then to pay the entire amount before the event is over; DON’T DO IT!!! Pay the balance at the end, after they feed you or the “new” chef will flee with your money and the food. The 2-stars are for the music which was good and the people (waiters, DJ, bouncer, etc.) who – despite all – were very nice. With a little more honesty and organizational skills and most of all with a truly new chef (it’s always the chef … or the butler…) this place could be great for private parties, but ‘till then I would look for a more professional venue; it is unpleasant to spend a lot of time and money to organize your event and be left with even a single bad memory. There are many other better places to choose from; think wisely, plan carefully and have fun!

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