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Congregation Beth Yeshurun

Houston, TX

(713) 666-1884

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(713) 666-1884

Open now
4525 Beechnut St Houston, TX, 77096
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  • Jennifer Walne 34 days ago

    Nope. Don’t do it. Go to Shlenker. Or better yet...homeschool. There is a huge homeschooling community in Houston.

  • Joselin Flores 296 days ago

    WORST place I have EVER worked at, shadowed Pre school teacher for one day and I couldn't do it. Teachers have no control over the children, children have issues potty training at the age of 3-5 (not exaggerating) and lastly when I inquired about my payment for the hours I shadowed, they've threatened me to only hand me a GIFT CARD. Really? A gift card? For all my hard work and dedication at this facility, a gift card is how they wanted to thank me with. I felt victim of racism since most of the staff is Caucasian and Jewish. Very disappointed. I didn't take the gift card, I wouldn't dare step foot inside that school again. Moral of this review, take your children elsewhere!!!!

  • Rosie Ruiz 369 days ago

    Run and don't look back! BYDS is still dealing with major dysfunction from hiring "Teachers" with no teaching credentials, or even a degree in Education, to hiring young, immature, INCOMPETENT people to watch children (as Assistants and for after care), to even leaving children PURPOSELY OUT OF RATIO (Teachers to students) to save $. Kids get hurt often, are left behind from their original groups, and many of the Teachers/Assistants for the kids under 4 do not understand HEALTHY child development. It's a wonder how this school has continued to function without major citations from Child Care Licensing. If you really care about your young kids, FIND A REPUTABLE PLACE.

  • Season Paquette 1191 days ago

    I cannot say enough good things about the teachers, administration, and parents at BYDS. Everyone has been so welcoming and I could not ask for more caring and attentive teachers. There is a true sense of community at this school. My sons are currently in the twos and threes in the early childhood program and we hope to continue through 5th grade. My kids come home happy every day and cannot wait to see their teachers and friends every morning. They are learning more and more every day and I have seen an increase in my older son's self confidence since starting there. The low teacher-student ratio is a huge plus. The kids get plenty of attention from the teachers and mine are thriving here. I love that music is an important part of their time there and that in addition to their lessons they are given ample time each day to play and be creative. As for their religious education they are much more connected to their Jewish identities than before starting there. They enjoy Shabbat service and learning about Jewish traditions and culture is made fun and is age appropriate. I cannot imagine a better school for my children.

  • Nirupama Kumar 1763 days ago

    This school promises a lot that it does not deliver. There is little to no academic instruction for children in the preschool classes. My son is no closer to being able to read than he was two years ago. He has learned to write all his letters, but that was done all at home. The only thing he worked on at school was writing Xs and Os. Super basic for most 3 and 4 years olds I think. Socially this place is another nightmare. If you are not Jewish, or, god forbid, half-Jewish, beware of extreme bigotry on behalf of the other parents at this school. The administration completely condones these attitudes and turns a blind eye to it. I find it sad that in this day and age these discriminatory attitudes still flourish in a place that is supposed to be about learning.

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