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Computer History Museum

Mountain View, CA

(650) 810-1010

Closed now
1401 N Shoreline Blvd Mountain View, CA, 94043
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  • Sumit Raj 15 days ago

    This is one of the best places have been being a software engineer myself, I felt nostalgic and very emotional that how far we have come in the IT age. They have very beautifully maintained the history of computer in this museum. It’s must go for every person on earth who has ever used an electronic device. You be ready to spend approx. 3 hours to cover all the items. They have lots of place where they play videos explaining the history.

  • Shelby Garrett 15 days ago

    Thank you time infinity to the amazing staff who hosted all of our school's third grade classes. All of our students agree that this was their favorite field trip this year! The museum was as informative and interactive as you wanted it to be allowing for engagement at every level. It was also incredibly convenient that you all had such a great outdoor space that our classes were able to eat outside. The students learned a lot and the parents and teachers were very impressed!

  • Yi Jie Tan 16 days ago

    Spent probably around 6-7 hours at the museum (including lunch), didn't regret a single minute. Very educational and informative, exhibits were curated very well and supplemented well with videos and interviews. Side note about the cafe: they forgot my order (which made me wait for about 20 mins). As a result, they refunded my entire receipt and on top of that offered me a free pastry and drink. Take that as what you will, but I thought it was very generous of them.

  • Christopher Ciufo 18 days ago

    Amazing place to soak in the history of computing. They seem to have every kind of device since the very first calculators to modern smartphones and beyond. I think anyone and everyone would appreciate the curating efforts made here. They also have great exhibits, such as an interactive demo of an IBM 1401.

  • Kate Ruby 95 days ago

    If you are interested in all things computer related then this place is for you. Very informative exhibits, videos, hands on activities (for older kids/adults), and there are group tours if you are so inclined but they are at certain times so you need to plan for that. We did a self tour in a little more than two hours but could have easily have stayed longer. There is a nice cafe, coat check and gift shop. Parking is free and adult admission was $17.50 pp. We enjoyed this museum and recommend it.

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