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1401 N Shoreline Blvd Mountain View, CA, 94043
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  • Jim Pekarek 57 days ago

    Fantastically comprehensive. It's really cool to see the evolution of computer technology. A lot of people seem to think of computers as something that just sorta appeared out of the blue in the 1950s, but the roots go back to antiquity. The layout of the museum itself is a little hard to follow, but absolutely worth your trouble. I highly recommend checking it out.

  • Tobias Kaatz 77 days ago

    This museum s packed with information and items to look at. It is almost impossible to digest everything in one stay. The audio guide for your phones is helping with making the best of your stay and understanding the history behind certain exhibits. More interactivity would have been nice, though

  • Jeffrey Silverman 80 days ago

    A very cool museum, pretty big and pretty thorough. Tons of cool artifacts from old calculators and punch card machines to computers, laptops, cell phones, and video games. Pretty well laid out and just a ton of stuff to see. I spent about 4 hours there and could have probably spent a bit longer!

  • Fan Zhao 81 days ago

    Very interesting place, and a lot of things to see. I arrived only two hours before the museum closed, so I didn't have enough time to see everything. I will definitely go there again!

  • Cary Brown 102 days ago

    I love this museum. In a way it gives prospective to my life's journey. For years DOS and floppy disks were the stuff of dreams. The museum's extensive exhibits illuminate the 2000 year history of the magical machines that changed the world and the women and men that dreamed and built them. There's even a car driven by a Google Genie. Parking is free.

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