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Atlanta, GA

(404) 898-1702

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1008 Brady Ave NW Atlanta, GA, 30318
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  • Alexandria Bryan 5 days ago

    Hot mess!!! My friends and I have been trying to book a section for my birthday (since we’re coming from outta town) for about two weeks now! This girl answers the phone and is very short and told my gf she was going to send paperwork via email to confirm the section. Needless to say, HOMEGIRL NEVER SENT THE DAMN EMAIL. So I call and say , “What’s the issue? Like if y’all don’t want the money i’ll take it to another club because this is ridiculous. If you can’t multi-task then someone else should be handling VIP SECTIONS!” She got all quiet... 🙄

  • Amber Cumberlander 6 days ago

    This was my first time going & the last. Of course me & my sis decided to go out on a big night but for as many people that were there I would expect it to be more order. The security guards are lazy and the hostess that I saw tonight after the club closed was lazy too and I don’t think she had much education at all. Any how earlier tonight a fight broke out in the club & the security guards just let this dude continue to get jumped by a bunch of dudes. Meanwhile I’m right next to it & a few of us girls got knocked over on the floor! My heel got broken & My knee got hurt. Instead of kicking these mfs out that were fighting the guards let them stay which is the dumbest stuff I’ve ever seen in my life. The worst thing is I lost my wallet trying to move away from that brawl & nobody who worked at the club was any help to find it. So I went back when the club closed & tried asked one of the security guards for help. He directed me to this lazy fat ass hostess who told me she couldn’t help because she “didn’t have any shoes on..” so I’m like “ok, well can I go in the club & look to find my wallet?” N she tells me I can’t go in without someone who works there. So I’m asking her who do I ask..she says “ we can’t help u if u don’t tell us what you’re looking for” I swear this lady was slow or something so I was basically walking around at 4am askin people “hey are u a security guard?” Smmfh there’s better clubs in ATL that are safer & with competent people working behind the counter. Please go there instead don’t waste your time or money @ the compound they hold the line & jack the prices up unnecessarily anyways

  • Jerri Christopher 6 days ago

    Worst place ever to visit in Atlanta . Paid for tickets & never got in or a refund . I do not recommend anyone to go here you will not enjoy Atlanta if you do ,

  • Beza Gebru 70 days ago

    WARNING: Unscrupulous business practices. Technically didn't go inside the venue so I won't give them 1 star. My gripe; Advertised via their page and eventbrite free before 11:30- FALSE. I like hip-hop, open patios and socializing with professional young POC. I thought let me give this place a try- *sigh Got in line at 11 and bouncer wouldn't let anyone in. Dumbfounded I asked the girls in line and they clarified- promos are never honored and if rarely, you'd have to be in line at 10. I dipped after I realized their shtick. I actually had no reservations calling to a night! From what I observed in line, clientele was everything but Black Excellence. Though it's in "gentrified" midtown atl, demographics looked hella ratchet. Not an upscale venue at all! I'd never pay to be in that environment.

  • LaToya Thomas 111 days ago

    Me and my girls went for our birthdays and it was not sophisticated enough for our taste. We thought u had to b dressed up and we saw people with sneakers on. We will NOT be going back

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