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Community House

Winnetka, IL

(847) 446-0537

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620 Lincoln Ave Winnetka, IL, 60093
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  • Brandon Wallace 2 days ago

    Such a friendly and very helpful staff that is very influential and keen to customer service and satisfaction.

  • Nick Brown 14 days ago

    Wonderful and beautiful community wide resource A local treasure for children’s theater ,antique shows, and community events

  • Pinterest Mom 18 days ago

    The Winnetka Community House would normally get a 5 star rating. The Staff is excellent, courteous and very knowledgeable. However... Ever since last summer when the new Director took over, things have gone downhill. Previously, when you walked in the building, there was a happy vibe. Employees were happy to see you, treated you like you were family. Some staff members even knew our names and remembered our children! It was genuine and sincere. Now, when you walk into the building there seems to be a forced smile, forced cheerfulness. When I ask employees how things are, they just smile and say "great" with halfhearted enthusiasm. There is definitely a palpable sense of dread in the building. The previous Directors would be seen at multiple events, helping out the staff and various functions as needed. Always with a smile on their faces and willing to help out any guests as needed. This new Director cannot be seen at any event, nor willing to help to make sure everything goes smoothly. I guess he does not wish to be bothered with petty fundraising events? Furthermore, one of the biggest dance rooms in the building has been converted into an office space. Thus the feeling is more sterile and dare I say "Corporate". This is a Community House, FOR THE COMMUNITY, not a Fortune 500 Corporation. Then I come to find out that the new Director also gave himself the title of President? President of what, the Community House? Really? How about worrying about the Community House as a whole, instead of worrying about himself first, then the Community House. On top of that, he calls himself a Deacon of a Church. Not sure which Church, but I've never once heard a Priest or Deacon berate his staff with such venom and disrespect! Especially towards women! Dropping F-bombs in public to his staff shows the level of ignorance, incompetence and lack of true leadership skills needed to lead this great Community House towards the future. I sincerely hope that things change for the better, or this once great Community House will fail. That would truly be sad considering this House's history and existence for over 100 years.

  • Allison Mengarelli 54 days ago

    I have been here for two great events - one celebration and one funeral. At both, I felt totally at home. One thing though, I never know where to enter. Lol. Great vibe and great landscaping. I'd recommend it to anyone in the area.

  • Edward Harney 74 days ago

    Fitness Center has a great diversity of equipment, clean, well-maintained. New steam showers terrific. All ages, men/women, getting fit.

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