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Community Aids Network Inc

Sarasota, FL

(941) 366-0461

Open now
1231 N Tuttle Ave Sarasota, FL, 34237
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  • Alex Bentano 2850 days ago

    I tried 3 times to contact these people (once by letter in the mail, 2 times by voicemail) and they never got back to me. With the type of service they offer, you'd figure they'd be the type to cater to the community and its needs. Nope. They even offered HIV testing at my college and....never came back to deliver results. So, if someone who attended my college lived in Punta Gorda, that person had to travel all the way to Sarasota in order to get their results. Instead of rescheduling a visit back to Venice (the college), they left all the students who did the responsible thing and got HIV tested to travel to Sarasota to get their results. Or, for me, they left me in the dark after contacting them 3 times (I was willing to take the trip to Sarasota). On a serious note, if someone was sick with HIV they would never know thanks to these people. Steer real clear of these people.

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